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My Review of “Candle Bible: Toddler Edition”

Ok I hated to do it but today I added my first title to the “Kick It Kids” page. The truth must be told. Seems like everyone on Amazon just thinks it’s a great book. I just don’t understand how any parent could overlook what I found inside. I even asked a few people that I know how they felt about it. Not giving my opinion, just reading the pages. They all responded with the same reaction, or variation of….. “WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? IN A CHILDREN’S BOOK?”

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to be attacked by Christians about my review but in all honesty, if you really read the pages of this book, you won’t find a ton of “bad things” and the book is really beautiful. I just cannot believe anyone would put in print (the quotes below) for children, specifically toddlers.

Read my review below! Tell me what you think!

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not having it!, March 19, 2013

I thought this book was super cute. Once I received it and started reading it to my toddler, I was thrown back by a couple of the pages. If you get this book your probably a Christian. My personal belief is that some Bible stories should be censored according to age. Some things are a little harsh for toddler ears. And I quote from the book:

pg 23. “Noah builds an ark. Years passed and more people were born. Often they did bad things. God became sorry he ever made the world.”

pg.150-151. “The saddest day. The soldiers took Jesus before the ruler of the country. He said, “Jesus hasn’t done anything wrong.” But a crowd of people shouted “kill Jesus, kill him” So the ruler sent Jesus to die.”

OMG! These pages need to be edited out somehow. Some stories are for a more mature mind. I realize this is the belief of most but I personally do NOT want my toddler running around saying “kill Jesus, kill him” because I read it to him in a book. Maybe when he is a little older to understand about the crucifixion but not at 2 years old! I am not havin’ it!

I took a sharpie and colored over these lines. The rest of the book is gorgeous and that is the only reason my son gets to keep it. I am sure my minister would agree with me.


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