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Look Who Made The List!

Today I want to acknowledge some of the first books that I have placed on my Keep It! list. Although the list is fairly short, I am slowly building it! I have read each book & found that it’s surely worth reading. I recommend these titles! The genres for each vary. A little chic-lit, romance, mystery, self-help & more! Don’t forget to check out the list for kids too!

You can click the links for the titles, this will be the actual book & then there is a separate link for the Kindle Editions as well.

If you have read a great book & think it needs to be placed on my list, feel free to send me your review! Just fill out my contact me page with your review in the comments section! Please include book title, author’s name, how you want your name to appear on the blog post & mention if you would “Keep It or Kick It”. All reviews submitted must have your final word on what list it should appear on.

Happy Reading!

A Good and Useful Hurt, Aric Davis (Kindle Edition)
Collision of Lies: A Novel, John J. LeBeau (Kindle Edition)
Give Yourself Permission to Shine, Grace King (Kindle Edition)
Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn (Kindle Edition)
Horses and Heroin, Bev Pettersen (Kindle Edition)
If Walls Could Scream, Laura Burke (Kindle Edition)
In Love, Gary Littman(Kindle Edition)
Life Chapters: Extraordinary Afterlives, Galen Stoller (Kindle Edition)
Making Sense When Life Doesn’t, C. Murphey (Kindle Edition)
Married to a Trial Liar, Sophia Moreau & Barbara Sheldon (Kindle Edition)
My Life Afterlife: A Posthumous Memoir, Galen Stoller (Kindle Edition)
The 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time, Rob Wood (Kindle Edition)
The Upside of Down Times, Lisa Ryan (Kindle Edition)  
They Called Me Cochise, John Leslie Fultz (Kindle Edition)


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