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My Book Review of “A Good and Useful Hurt” by Aric Davis

agood anduseful hurtI had read another review by someone on a random website one day so I decided to read it for myself. I thought that the cover was  super attractive. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but I have to say that with “A Good and Useful Hurt” I actually did. I read up on Aric Davis on Amazon to see what he was about and what I kind of book I would be reading.  Mixed reviews on amazon really don’t give this book enough credit.

The story sets in Michigan with Mike, a man who has demons of his own! Imagine that! Anyways, Mike is a tattoo artist and owns his shop. As his character develops, you learn that he has recently lost a girlfriend to suicide. As the memories and visions of Sidney haunt him, he struggles to move on with his personal life. Battling between his love for Sidney and her love for heroin, her fight ends in their bathroom.

While trying to get his life back to normal and some help at the shop, Deb storms in and claims his open position for a body piercer. She doesn’t take no for an answer. She is a bad-ass if you ever heard of one. One of those girls with lots of tats and sex appeal that will drive a man crazy! She does just that….for Mike. Meanwhile, Mike gets a request from a customer to tattoo some ashes of a loved one who had died. Although the requests are strange to him at first he does it. Little by little more requests come in from word of mouth.

Little does he know that ashes to ink+Deb+ serial killer=changing Mike’s life forever. The story flips from a little on Mike and the shop to the inside of the mind of the serial killer creating horror in their town. Lots of bad words, mystery, thrill and of course a lil romance to make your heart tingle.

I have to say that I read most of this book on a flight. I told myself I would take a nap on the plane but instead read most of this book as my heart raced and blood ran wild, I could not put it down. Your senses will be touched, your mind will be creating images as Aric writes and you might not want to do anything until you finish this book once you have started. I loved it and I am super excited to have “A Good and Useful Hurt” on my Keep It! list.


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