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How to Catch My Attention & Get Me to Review Your Books

website-cover1.jpgI just love books and I love all kinds of books. I really started picking up and reading more recently when I noticed that my son was really getting into books. I wanted to be a good example for my son and have him see me reading books so that he would grow up and also want to read. Life happens and I know I am not a perfect mom so if I can create one excellent habit I sure am gonna try.

Lately, I have attracted many romance authors. I am so down for romance authors but I need the world to know that I love all genres. My heart and soul loves a good mushy romance but I crave a crazy murder mystery, horror, thriller and believe it or not, my dysfunction likes to be medicated with self-help books too.

With this in mind, I would love to review your books. If you really want me to review yours I would suggest mailing me a book that I can hold in my hands, a book that I can put on my shelf to display. If you want to really ruffle my feathers, sign it with a little message, a dedication just for me.

I do love to read ebooks and I do not mind doing so however I cannot stack up on ebooks. It gets much too out of control for me. I can bond with your work much better.

I have had a lot of review requests since starting this blog. I have to tell you that with all of the requests I have received so far, I do not know how long it will take me to get your reviews done. I am only 1 person.  All I know is, you have a better chance at getting a faster review by mailing me the real thing. I don’t mind unedited galleys or review copies. It also looks good on you to offer up a copy or 2 of your finished product for a giveaway to promote your review or author highlight.

If you have questions, please leave comments or feel free to fill out the form on my Contact Me page. I will be more than happy to respond. Feel free to submit your books to me anytime. Just don’t forget to email me and let me know it’s on its way so I can get what I need from you.

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