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A Dream: Ada Marie Slowe, A Special Author Highlight

Ada contacted me on Facebook and asked me to share her page. The next thing I know my page has like 20 more likes. She shared that I was a blogger and send all her supporters over to me. Now that is a way to show a blogger some love! I just love her already. Ada is going to tell us about herself. Make sure you go show your support and follow her on Facebook! I know she will have her book Reckless out for us to all read really soon.

ada2My full name is Ada Marie Slowe.  I just turned twenty years old. A little young? Yes, I know.  I was born and raised in a small town called Newfield, New York. I’ve lived in quite a few places so as for school, I’ve went to Newfield Central School, located in New York. Kathleen High School, The pace center for Girls, both located in Lakeland, Florida. Montebella High school, located In Edmore, Michigan, and the place I graduated from was Penn Foster online high school

I’ve never been like anyone my age. While most people were into playing outside as children, or going to the mall when they became teenagers, I was always stuck in my room either reading a book, or writing. I’ve always been a nerd, anyone in my family can attest to that. I’ve always been fascinated with books, and writing. English was always my favorite in school; it was where I could use my imagination.

My favorite things? To be honest, would be writing and reading. It takes up so much of my time already but I enjoy it. But when I have free time I like to go to the mall in my town to the animal store, I’m a huge animal lover. If I could have a farm of cats and dogs, I think I would. I do enjoy other things though. I love movies and I love spending time with my family. I enjoying baking, I love to exercise, I enjoy scrapbooking, I love keeping track of memories. How else do we give thanks to the small things in life?

I discovered the gift of writing at only ten years old. I never had it easy, I’ve had to work for everything I’ve ever gotten, and writing was always my outlet, something I could count on when I couldn’t count on people. It’s my lifeline.

I write all different genres. I write drama, angst, romance, and my favorite at the moment, rock star romance. When I get an idea for a story, it just captivates me, consumes me, and I can’t think about anything else. Some would even say that I become obsessed with my own stories, and482029_10201018024597490_863316416_n to be honest they’re probably write. I enter a new world as I pull out my laptop and begin to type. Physically I’m here, but mentally, I’m in the world where my story lives.

I’ve only ever finished one book, although I’ve shelved that one. It’s personal for me, and while I believe it’s an amazing story, it’s not something I’m ready to have published. I’ve got my hands mixed in a lot of different projects and my main project right now is Reckless. While the book isn’t complete, I’m hoping for it to be my first published.

I know that the dream of becoming a published author is a one in a million chance, and I’m well aware of that. I’m finally ready to do whatever it takes. I’ve never been one to give up, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes, I’m ready to put forward the effort to reach the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do with my life.

Teaser of Reckless, just for you!

“Stop.” Audrey demanded as she looked into the pair of deep blue eyes she loved so much. She hated this feeling, hated it with a passion. How could she lose so much control just by the touch of one simple person?

“No, I’m not going to stop. I know you want this, you want it as bad as I do, and you can’t hide from me, not anymore.” Aiden tells her as he pushes Audrey up against the sink. She couldn’t deny what he said, the truth was every word was true, but she wouldn’t let him get under her skin, and more than that, she would not let him crawl his way into her life to break her down.

She felt heart began to race, and her breathing began to speed up as Aiden’s face was only inches away from hers. He placed a finger on her cheek and began to trace her jawline. She couldn’t deny how much she wanted Aiden, she couldn’t deny what he did to her, but she wouldn’t let him pull her in, because in the end she would only crash and burn. People like her and Aiden weren’t destined to be together. And as much as she tried to convince herself that what was between them was nothing more than a sexual attraction, she knew that it was more. It was something real, she just wouldn’t admit it out loud.

“I’m with Adam, you have to stop, Aiden.”

525444_562320697121339_1361042146_n“You don’t love him, not like you love me. You’re bored. You wouldn’t be with me in this bathroom right now if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be weakening at my touch, and you wouldn’t have that fire that burns when I look into your eyes. Audrey, I know how you feel about me, so stop fighting with yourself, and just let me love you.”

“I can’t, Aiden, you don’t know how to love, don’t you get that? You said so yourself, that you will ever give anyone the ability to hurt you, you will always put yourself first, you don’t love me, you just want me. “

“I love you Audrey, and I don’t care who the hell you go home to at night, I know you love me too. You feel the electricity that sparks through when I touch you. I know that you feel this too, stop running from me, you’re only with Adam because he’s your safe choice. We could be amazing together if you’d only give us a try.” Aiden tried to convince her as he put both hands on each side of the sink to capture her between them.

“Aiden, “She started, but she knew he was right. There was no denying how she felt about Aiden.

“Shh.” Aiden told her when their lips finally touch, it was both electrifying and bittersweet. And Audrey knew it would only end up in a disaster.

Look out for Ada to do some big things in the future! Follow her on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


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