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A Dream: Kirsty Still, A Special Author Highlight

Kirsty found me on Facebook the same day as Ada Slowe. Kirsty is picking up a pretty good following of supporters while she works on her first book. Kirsty sent me over a lil bio. I am happy to be able to share with you this aspiring author! Show your support and check her out on Facebook. Kirsty, we will be on the lookout for your book A Fire That Burns! 


I’ve lived actually quite a boring life- LOL – I’m only twenty-two and did all the things a normal person my age has done!! I’ve grown up in a family with two brothers and my mum and always feel like I have to match up to them with my successes in life! I went to school and left it with good grades and went off to University to become a teacher.

In my second year I realized I didn’t want to be a teacher but, still wanted to work closely with children. In my final year, I wanted to take my writing a little more seriously but, I had to be realistic and so I have worked as a nanny as well as kept a steady job in a shop for nearly three years.

It took me until I was like 19 to find out I could actually write. It took my until last year to realize I had a talent actually worth pursuing and all because I stumbled across fanfiction!! Apparently that website is a godsend!! Now I’m trying to find a job that works with children whilst setting a writing career off.


I am sharing a nice little teaser for you today! Enjoy and show your support!

“It’s been six long years, Austin, I think I deserve some sort of explanation,” Tyler started and leaned forward to look up at her. He gave her a smirk and a quick teasing wag of his eyebrow, “That or a proper welcome back.” He sat back as she looked at him in shock, “You pick.”

Feeling a constriction in her chest, Austin remained placid for… a moment. It didn’t matter how much she tried to allow this to be okay, she just couldn’t do it anymore. She looked at him and felt her heart skip an all knowing beat, she tried to smile, but faltered, “I’m really sorry, Tyler, but I can’t do this.” She then got up and left, not a goodbye to anyone. She just put her cup down on the kitchen work top as she fled the back yard and headed for the front door for her quick exit.

Growling as the familiar scent of Austin surrounded him, he exchanged looks with Tom and got up and bolted after her. He was determined to get an explanation out of her. Six years of trying with Tom had failed so he went for the origin itself.

“You don’t get to walk away from me again,” Tyler shouted out to stop her as he left through the front door, following Austin’s footsteps. “Not after six years.”



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