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CALLING ALL MY INDIES!!!! Super Exciting Deal for My Love Bugs!

****I recommend all bloggers to reblog this page. I am excited to announce that I have found a deal to get the word out of all these lovely authors!****

FCP-ad-350x350pxAfter doing some of my “I can’t get to sleep right now because I love my authors so much” research, I came across a super inexpensive way for you indies to reach like 35,000+ readers, bloggers, libraries etc. I emailed them and asked if they wanted to participate in offering my lovely Facebook followers a chance at a super great deal to get their books out there. Well, I got an email back from the admin and they are willing to offer a discount to you!

First Chapter Plus is a website that offers an eCatalog of books that is blasted out monthly to over 35,000 libraries, bloggers, readers, book stores, media, publishers…etc. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID? 35,000+ PEOPLE???????

As I am going through the pages, I am looking at the prices to list books. I mean, come on. You can list a book of yours for as little as $15 for 1 month, $75 for a YEAR. That means for $75 you can blast your name and title to 35,000 people and not even beg them to like you on Facebook.

The feedback I got today (so exciting) First Chapter Plus is offering to give you a quarter page deal starting RIGHT NOW through May 1st, 2013 to get your “book in the eCatalog for 3 months for $90. This is $40 off the 3 month price of $130.”Image-Publisher

Keep in mind, you can get your book in there for cheaper on a multi-listings page, there are deals for every budget. If you want to take advantage of this price, all you have to do is visit their website: under the Quarter Page section>select submission form>read this page, scroll down select Quarter Page listing>Select the 2-Month $90 option. In the author name field should look like this: Savannah Mae, FBMAY. This is your coupon code. Replace my name with yours of course.

Make sure you follow the instructions when filling out the form. I have a great feeling about this. And no, I am not getting any commission from this. I am just trying to make us famous. That’s all. You can read some of their testimonials and decide for yourself.



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