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My Book Review of Lifting the Spiritual Self-Esteem of the LGBT Community by Khepra Ka-Re Amente Anu

Lifting the selfesteem

iUniverse, ISBN: 9781450299343
4 Stars – A very important read!

Review: Lifting the Spiritual Self-Esteem of the LGBT Community by Khepra Ka-Re Amente Anu
iUniverse, ISBN: 9781450299343 (Kindle Edition)
4 Stars – A very important read!

Right away I was excited to review Mr. Anu’s book. With the way of the world today, someone needs to take a greater stand for the LGBT community. Having friends in the community, I have seen, first hand, how straight people can be so hateful. There is nothing like being told in so many ways that God couldn’t possibly love anyone who might be gay.

Being born in the 80s and being raised in NC, being gay was not something you talked about or advertised. After I grew up and grew into my own mind and out of my small town, Baptist-raised thinking, I moved to Florida. At that point I met people who were gay and very open about it. I have come across friends who were struggling with their Gods and wondering if they were ever going to be accepted within their families or their churches because they weren’t sure that being gay was okay

Khepra Ka-Re Amente Anu is a straight, African-American man. He makes it quite clear that he is not Muslim or of any form tied to the Islamic religion. It is funny how many people would automatically assume this. So many people are ignorant. In my personal experience, I have not found many Africa-American men who openly support the LGBT community. I have a crazy amount of respect for Mr. Anu for digging deep and supporting his family members within the community.

This entire book is well written. There are wonderful quotes and comparisons. Enough information for anyone to be able to go to battle should they ever have to defend their right to be gay. As a matter of fact, many people would be thrown back to hear that all of this religion is man-made. When it comes down to it, many people will be disturbed by this book. It will shake the foundation the Christian folks build on. I am happy to say that my God loves all people and it doesn’t matter the color of their skin or their sexual orientation.

Many African/Kemetic/Anu hieroglyphics and the sacred religious texts are engraved on a single plume-shaped stone or clay tablets, while the double plume was associated with the gods of Kemet/Anu. Not only are the tablets that the Ten Commandments were supposedly written on suspect, but the Ten Commandments themselves. Declarations of Innocence, containing Negative Confessions found in the “Book of Coming Forth by Day” are strikingly similar to the Ten Commandments.”

This is an example of some of the comparisons that you will read about in this book. Any reader would be able to tell right away that Mr. Anu has spent a lot of time researching and putting all of this information together. My favorite quote in this book is: “I hope this book will help someone not feel guilty or have low spiritual self-esteem because of religion. Religion is not the word of any God, just the judgmental beliefs of the men who wrote the religious myths.” I hope so too!

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5 thoughts on “My Book Review of Lifting the Spiritual Self-Esteem of the LGBT Community by Khepra Ka-Re Amente Anu

  1. Well this is certainly a lovely post to see right off the bat on your blog. I too have friends in this community and it is sad to see how unfairly they are judged. Excellent review.

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