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Free Book Friday!

On Fridays, I plan to announce a handful of ebooks that you can go and download all day FREE! I would love if bloggers would re-blog and share with their networks. I want to support the indies!

Here is the deal. The first section of listed books will be free all day today. The ones listed below will be .99 all day. Some books may remain the same price thru Sunday however they are subject to change at the authors digression. I am not in charge of when the book prices change. Take advantage of the free books and find some new authors you may not have heard about.

This is a mission to support them so don’t forget to review the book when your done! If you are an author seeing this post and you have an ebook you would like to add to the list, click here to fill out the official form.

Tell all your friends and share. SHARE SHARE SHARE! I heart you all.

Don’t forget, both of my pages have giveaways running! Check It Out!

Awesome Free Titles:

     Before the aftermath Vaguely Vivid Jesus Christ  

Awesome .99 Titles:


2 thoughts on “Free Book Friday!

  1. Love this Idea Savannah! All the hard work and passion you put into helping all the authors and writers on WordPress and FB is truly amazing.

    The world is a better place because of you, and I am so glad I found such an amazing person, It’s an honor to read your work.

    Hopefully by this time next year I will have my first ever book completed! I hope you will do me the Honor of reading it and writing a review, even if you hate it haha =]

    *Your reviews are fabulous* You and Ionia are the two people I would truly love to write a review for my first book, you guys are beyond talented…and you are both incredibly sweet and inspiring people!

  2. Aw Shane you are too sweet! Thank you! I would love to write your review BUT I need it to be before you get printed copies so you can quote me on the back…deal?

    I am going to email you as well so be on the look out. Wanna ask you something.


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