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A Special Cover Reveal – Kitchen Scandals by Brooke Cumberland

Kitchen Scandals

Super Teaser! I continued using the whip cream as my secret weapon to seduce the hell out of him. It was working… slowly, but it was working. I sprayed a line of cream from each nipple, down below my belly button. He watched as I put a finger to my mouth, licking the cream off. This was so cheesy, and a little cliché, but sometimes life needed a little cheesy.

“You are wearing my breakfast, Miss Woods,” he teased, walking towards me as he shuffled out of his suit jacket. “That’s the idea.” I smiled, licking another finger. He stood in between my legs, taking me all in. I slowly unbuttoned his white shirt that was no longer needed. He could be a few minutes late… or so.

He planted his mouth to mine as I pulled the shirt off his muscular arms. He moaned an earth shattering sound as I reached down and unzipped his pants. Oh sweet Jesus… that sound. His mouth moved down my neck, and he held his lips right at my collarbone, suckling. I pushed his pants down, urging him in closer to me. The cream was now smashed between our bare skin as we continued kissing, touching, and licking.

“You are going to make my body convulse into insane shock waves,” I muttered as he entered me deep. A deep, torturous groan escaped his throat as he continued to have his way with me.

“I think we have officially christened the kitchen,” I teased, smiling as Drake kissed me one more time on the lips. He was trying to pick up the clothes that were now sprayed across the kitchen floor, covered in cream, and coffee cup glass.

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Twitter @blcumberland


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