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A Book Review of A Wicked Thing by Michael Kasenow

Review first published on RebeccasReads

AWickedThingA Wicked Thing
Michael Kasenow
Infinity Publishing
ISBN 9780741482037
Reviewed by Kam Aures for Rebecca’s Reads (4/13)

“The mist comes in slowly, quietly, and with it are legends and myths.  Waves can be heard gently caressing the shore, but the bay cannot be seen.  At its thickest, porch lights and ship lights are diffused, like bright, round stars in a cloudy, gray nebula.  Often, a mysterious splash or the flutter of wings breaks the solitude.  The mist comes in at night or in the very early morning when temperature differences are extreme.  Few venture into the mist when it comes.  Ships remain anchored.  Waves move in and out, and foghorns groan long and deep. (p.1)”

This is the opening passage of Michael Kasenow’s newest novel, “A Wicked Thing.”  This mist being described, and also depicted on the fitting cover illustration, adds to the intrigue of the setting in New Brunswick.  With the mist comes mystery and unknown, which is the perfect beginning to this intriguing thriller.

After his wife and two sons die, Jonathan MacAlister arrives in the area and takes up residence in an old Victorian home which is haunted by a woman named Mary McLaughlin.  Two weeks prior to his arrival, Tara Walsh, who had been deemed insane after committing a murder, had walked out of a mental facility unauthorized.  Tara is a brutally dangerous woman and there are some very graphic scenes in the novel depicting the murderous acts that she has carried out.  One such murder involves the use of a wood chipper and leaves nothing to the imagination.  Therefore, if you are sensitive to gruesome detail, you may want to skip over those parts.

Kasenow’s novel is a fast-paced thriller and a ghost story all in one.  The author grabs your attention right away in the beginning of the book (remember the wood chipper that I mentioned) and leaves you wondering what is going to happen next.   “A Wicked Thing” is a very gripping book, full of adventure and action. The story moves at such a quick pace that it actually can be read in just one sitting.  I would recommend Kasenow’s newest novel to those who enjoy mysteries, ghost stories, and thrillers.


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