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A Book Review of Dead Angels by Glen R. Stott

Review first published on RebeccasReads

DeadAngelsDead Angels
Glen R. Stott
iUniverse, Inc. (2012)
ISBN: 9781475949971
Reviewed by Charline Ratcliff for RebeccasReads (4/13)

When asked if I would be willing to read and review “Dead Angels” by author Glen R. Stott, I had to stop and give the request some serious consideration. On the one hand, a fictional book about child molestation and serial killings is not my normal reading genre, but on the other hand I had previously read/reviewed Stott’s book: “Heart of the Bison,” a non-murder mystery, and I had enjoyed it. With that said, I am glad I took the time to read “Dead Angels…”

I will also be honest and admit that I had some difficulty immersing myself in “Dead Angels.” However, as the tale began to unfold, and the various characters/storyline began to take shape I finally began to like the book. In fact, it got to the point where I had to struggle to set it down.

In “Dead Angels” we meet Shari Darling who, after her first divorce, thought she had finally met a good man; a man that seemed to respect and love, both her and her daughter, Tami. Two years into the marriage, Shari is understandably appalled, shocked and sickened when she discovers that her husband Carl has been molesting her eight-year-old daughter. Shari fights tooth and nail to have Carl sent to prison, but unfortunately the judge’s verdict was a lenient sentence; and now after only three short years, Carl is a free man once more.

Shortly after Carl’s release, a string of young girls’ bodies begin to appear. Shari knows in her soul that it is Carl, but no one will believe her. The violence does not match Carl’s previous MO and all the evidence seems to point to Dale Richards, another child molester who was released around the same time as Carl.

I’m not going to provide any more of the story but I will say that “Dead Angels” turned out to be a fast-paced, nail-biting read. A must read for anyone who enjoys reading mystery or murder mystery. But! Please keep in mind that due to its content “Dead Angels” is not recommended and/or appropriate for all readers or all ages.


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