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Guest Post – 3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Visibility as an Author by Alan Dubon

Who are you?

I say this only half joking. Who are you, and why should I care? These are the questions you will be answering indirectly by using social media techniques to enhance your presence. You want people to discover your content. You work really hard to write excellent content, now it is time for people to read it right?

People need and want to know about you. Before I started out using social media for more than growing a fake farm, I googled my name and there were a couple Allan Dubon’s that came up. One of them was searched for by the FBI, some links came up with criminal records etc. Now that I have focused on using social media to spread information and knowledge I usually “own” the first two pages on a Google. search.

Why am I telling you this? So you can think I’m awesome…(maybe a little lol). But seriously I tell you this because before this article you may have never heard of me. But I have been blogging seriously since the middle of Jan this year. I have depended on Social media to extend my reach. Now there are people that are typing in Allan Dubon and are looking for various ways to connect with me.

It doesn’t take long to begin seeing results if you will use these 4 tips to increasing your social presence.

1. Start a blog

Some people don’t see blogging as using social media, but they don’t understand how it all works. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the other ones out there are just Micro blog’s. Meaning that they are blogs that use small posts to update people. So most of the time when you are using FB and Twitter you are not typing up a 600-900 word post.

If you post your blog content regularly your readership will increase by leaps and bounds. On I post 2-3 times every week and I also release a weekly Podcast. The other day I released my Podcast episode and within the hour I already had 19 downloads. What made this so interesting? I made the episode go live at 3:30am Mountain Standard Time. Using metrics I do know where people are downloading from, so I know I have readers all over the world.

When I started blogging it felt like the only people who were reading my blog were my wife and myself. And in all reality this may be the case for your first few blog posts. The secret: Keep Posting & Keep it on a regular schedule (MWF, TTH, etc.)

2.  Use Social Media

Using social media is a great way to get your name out there. The main players in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & YouTube) are all free. When using social media remember that the purpose of social media is to enhance relationships, not to sell your product. That being said if you are sharing what is going on in your life, your book and your blog are essential parts of your life.

Feel free to share a post about your blog on any of these sites, but make sure you don’t spam peoples feeds. I share a post about my current blog once a week even though I post three times a week, as well as posting once a week about my latest podcast episode. People will go back and catch up on my previous work, and I don’t overly bug the people who are on there to have updates about me.

I have some FB friends that follow the “more is better” rule, and they are starting to loose followers and get a lot of backlash. I also wrote a post about not randomly tagging people when promoting your product, I titled it: Don’t tag me Bro!

Remember you don’t like to be seen like a number, and you most likely don’t like to be sold to every moment you open your social media channels. Neither do your friends and followers. And one last point  Be-ware of the over-share!!

3.  What’s in it for me?

This is the “radio station” people are tuned into WII FM (what’s in it for me.) People don’t really care about the problems going on in your life. Your core circle of friends might, but not your followers. If you want your book(s) to sell you need to be showing people what’s in it for them.

Not having a good day that day? Not a problem, just don’t post about it. People come to your site to be entertained, enlightened, and/or taught. Just like when you go out to dinner you don’t really care if your waiter just broke up with his girlfriend, you want him to smile, be nice, and bring you refills on drinks in a timely manner. This doesn’t make you callous, you are out there to experience a great time. Much like your readers, they want to experience you as an author.

This doesn’t mean you have to present a perfect life, just don’t be a serial complainer. You draw more readers by providing valuable information to them, by entertaining them. Think about your favorite authors and emulate them.

Using these tactics will help you increase your readership, your followers, and ultimately your bottom line. Remember it is about them, not you. The more you seek to serve others and help them, the quicker you will begin to find success. Keep consistent and providing valuable content.

When you least expect it, you will own the first few pages of google when someone searches your name. This is a good feeling and lets you know you are on the right track. Don’t give up if in the first two months you don’t see much growth. You keep at it and people will soon see your same vision.

This is a fantastic time where you can most definitely live your dreams and achieve your goals. Take time to set effective goals, and work your plan. I wish you much success.


Here is a little blurb about me:

Allan is a social media junkie. He loves teaching people how to more effectively use social media to develop their brand. He blogs 3 times a week at: where he also host a podcast episode once a week.

You can find him on:





2 thoughts on “Guest Post – 3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Visibility as an Author by Alan Dubon

  1. I’ve been on the first couple of pages of search results for name for years. I don’t think it’s really helped, though, because people don’t go searching for my name I guess. I’ve only recently started blogging more regularly though, so I’m still at the point of trying to build up more of a following.

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