A Book Review of The Peacock Angel: Rise of the Decarchs by Glenn Dale Bridges

Review first published on RebeccasReads

PeacockAngelThe Peacock Angel: Rise of the Decarchs
Glenn Dale Bridges
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781478713890
Reviewed by Kam Aures for Rebecca’s Reads (4/13)

As “The Peacock Angel- Rise of the Decarchs” opens, the setting is Eastern Turkey in the year 5799 B.C.  Armaros is running across the land trying to escape the flood that is creeping up behind him.  He is on the move in an attempt to reach higher ground.  His teachers had told him to leave and, without hesitation, he had obeyed.  “His brothers received no clemency.  Retribution was swift and chaotic.  The cries for mercy, the shouts of hate, and the sounds of battle still rang in his ears.  The memory would haunt him for as long as they allowed him to remain.  (p. v).

The scene then switches over to follow Armaros’ brother Azazel who is in an area of darkness being crushed by a hot slab of stone.  He is in tremendous pain.  “It consumed him; the sting of his brother’s betrayal remained fresh.  No forgiveness.  Not ever.  His heart, dark and twisted even before the reckoning, pumped only loathing and revenge through every particle of his being.  Thoughts of retribution filled his mind constantly- he envisioned those that had put him here, and then he imagined them burnt, dying, and dead…” (

After this, the time fast forwards to 1970 AD with settings in both Italy and Israel, once again involving Armaros and Azazel, and providing a glimpse as to what is to come.  Finally, the time period moves up to 1994 A.D. in Rural Louisiana.  The fact that the book spans such a great time period was instantly intriguing to me and I was interested to see how the author was going to tie that all together and make it work.  The opening sections serve their purpose to lay out the back story and provide the groundwork for what is to follow.  Once we enter the more recent years, the book begins to pick up the pace rapidly and what follows is a fast moving novel.

I found Glenn Dale Bridges’ crafting of the tale to be very imaginative.  The element of a prison guard in 1994 Louisiana being thrown into an ancient battle is quite unique and makes for an intriguing novel.  I would recommend “The Peacock Angel- Rise of the Decarchs” to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels.  I think you will find it to be quite a creative read.


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