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A Special Author Highlight – Britney King

Bedrock coverDue to heavy subject matter and sexual content this book & trailer is recommended for mature readers.

Synopsis: When Addison Greyer, a happily married mother of three, decides to re-enter the workforce, she never once considers that taking a job might unravel everything she thinks to be true about her life—that it would cause her to look deep within and confront fears she didn’t know existed. She couldn’t have foreseen how a chance meeting or a single day can change the course of an entire lifetime.

Like many women, Addison is defined in terms of marriage and motherhood, until she suddenly finds her life turned upside down by her husband’s decision to take a job thousands of miles away. When her tough-as-nails boss offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse, Addie is forced to make difficult choices. Those choices take her further and further out of the carefully crafted fairytale life she has created and lead her into an unknown world where things are anything but black and white: a world where she learns that desire is not only dangerous but deadly. In this world, all bets are off as she is forced to finally confront her past. As her past and present collide, she has to make decisions that for most are unthinkable, decisions that can tear her family apart, and perhaps even have fatal consequences.

Bedrock is a love story designed to showcase how the choices we make ultimately shape our lives. It serves as a reminder that in the end what defines us is not the big events, the monumental occasions. It’s the tiny, seemingly inconsequential moments in between. It’s proof that time passes and we cannot, no matter how hard we try, get it back. Bedrock is a story of love and grief that pretty much sums up the context of the human experience.


The next morning, Addie woke up alone in Patrick’s bed, angry with herself. After all she had been through only to wind up back here nearly brought her to tears.

She checked her phone. Six missed calls and two voicemails, all from Carter. Shit. He was going to be pissed.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Patrick said, opening the bedroom door and interrupting her thoughts. “Coffee?” he said, thrusting a tray in her direction.

Addie slid upwards to a sitting position as he placed the tray over her knees. “Thanks.”

As Addie lifted the mug to her lips, she noticed something in Patrick’s face change: a thought, a look, she couldn’t place. She took another sip of her coffee as he slid off the bed. She picked up a piece of bacon and took a bite before realizing what it was he was doing.

Seeing him there, kneeling on one knee, holding the little blue box, caused her to choke on the bacon. She tried another sip of coffee. Finally, clearing her throat, Addie chuckled and waved him off, but Patrick didn’t budge.

“Addison, will you marry me?”

Addie blinked, pinching herself to make sure she was awake.

Patrick pinched her too.


“You’re awake.” He said smiling. “And I asked you a question.”

Addie’s heart began racing. “Wait…you’re serious?”

B.KingA little note about why I wrote Bedrock: I’m excited about a novel that features a character who is a little bit farther along in life (early 30’s) who is a mother and wife but finds herself in a situation that introduces her to the world of BDSM. I hope that other women my (this) age will relate to the protagonist because they can relate to the stage of life she is in but understand that time goes on and things can and do change. That and hopefully it will provide a nice break (escape) from the realities of domestic life in general.

Britney is married to a man she adores (when he isn’t driving her crazy) and is the mother of FIVE amazing kids, who (surprise!) also have a habit of driving her crazy. Her best guess is that it’s genetic. In addition, Britney founded a local network for women in 2012, which has grown to almost 700 members. To further prove that she may in fact be certifiably insane, she is  to published her debut novel entitled, Bedrock in May of 2013. She can now consider her training to be an expert (life) juggler complete.

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