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Book Review of Bible Bullies by C. Arthur Ellis, Jr., PhD & Leslie E. Ellis, PhD

Review first published on RebeccasReads

bible-bulliesBible Bullies: How Fundamentalists Got The Good Book So Wrong
C. Arthur Ellis, Jr., PhD & Leslie E. Ellis, PhD
Gadfly Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780982094099
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for RebeccasReads (5/13)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading C. Arthur Ellis and Leslie E. Ellis’s book “Bible Bullies.” This book takes on “taboo” subjects and analyzes them from a realistic Christian perspective according to what Jesus had to say rather than what fundamental Christians would have us believe. Ellis’s definition of a Bible bully is “Someone who uses the Bible to force or coerce others into conforming to his or her beliefs.” That is well stated and I can personally relate to this book as I have been bullied by various family members and ministers over my lifetime. This book revealed answers to questions I had concerning the hypocrisy within the scriptures! Wow! Personally I could have kept on reading this book but it ended.

I started reading the Bible for myself some years ago and I chose to follow some simple instructions that Jesus gave such as being forgiving, and loving to all people. Let’s not forget about judging others. The instructions were written for ALL to follow. Although the instructions that Jesus gave are simple, but not so easy to apply! I admit the latter was difficult for me when I thought about the “Bible Bullies” in my life, then I had to practice forgiveness and not be judgmental, even with them! Ha!

Ellis brilliantly gives light to simple truths from what Jesus taught in the Bible. “Bible Bullies” use the sacred scriptures to stand behind and justify the abuse of children, and publicly criticizing same sex couples, and the list goes on. The book addresses today’s issues and is backed up by authoritative authors, and not to mention well cited.

My favorite parts of the book are Table’s one and two. I learned the names of the chapters King James left out when he revised the Bible. Ellis mentions that he believes the Bible was God inspired and shows how each religious group altered the good book to their liking.

I was taking a World Religions class at my university when this book was presented to me for review. Talk about divine timing! The history of religion and sacred text is rich and informative. I knew there was so much more to know. This book lays it out how religious fanatics hide behind the Bible to abuse children in the name of religion and dehumanize individuals publicly over their sexual diversity. My heart is sad by the much of what I read in the book.

God did not only inspire the Bible, but he/she inspires many to write sacred books in which we will learn if we are seeking knowledge. Inspiration is not reserved for the authors of the Bible! All the skewed interpretations of the Bible arm the “Bible Bullies” to scare people right into their beliefs even when it makes no sense!

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