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A Book Review of If You Love Me, Kill Me by Pauline Hayton

Review first published on RebeccasReads

if you love meIf You Love Me, Kill Me
Pauline Hayton
Amazon Digital Services (2013)
Reviewed by Author Charline Ratcliff for Rebecca’s Reads (05/13)

It has been a delight to once again read, and review, another book by author Pauline Hayton. “If You Love Me, Kill Me” is a much different story than any of Hayton’s previous titles. However, Hayton has once again provided the reader with a well-written, easy to follow, and enjoyable read. Or at least as enjoyable as it can be under the true life circumstances provided within it.

In “If You Love Me, Kill Me” Hayton takes us on an unforgettable journey of life and aging. Sadly, none of us can avoid the long arduous process of aging and dying. Aging is indiscriminate. All we can really do is, wholeheartedly, hope that we make it through with a little bit of class and grace. Of course life likes to shake things up too. We are quite often thrown a major curve ball that might make us want to throw in the towel and just give up. Sometimes that cry for help can even turn into the “If You Love Me, Kill Me” sentiment of this book’s title.

I applaud Pauline for her honesty in this book. I appreciate her willingness to freely share the challenges of taking care of parents who, due to no fault of their own, no longer have the ability to “age gracefully.” Reading her words, in this title and others, my heart goes out to her for all that she has endured. Her life embodies the meaning of the word “survivor.” She has taken everything that has been dished out to her and…she has decided that will still face life’s hurdles head on.

In summary, “If You Love Me, Kill Me,” is a sincere and heartfelt book. Hayton has a serious message and she is not afraid to share it. “If You Love Me, Kill Me” is a no holds barred read. On the one hand it is eye-opening; and on the other hand, its blunt truths will doubtless shock you; causing you to question everything you thought you were sure of/believed in.

In summary, “If You Love Me, Kill Me” can possibly be a helpful reference. Or, it could be a book that helps you validate what you are feeling due to being in a similar situation. But either way, it’s kind of a must read.


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