Napa Valley Naughties~~Grand Prize in my Giveaway~~Ends Tonight

My Facebook Giveaway!


In honor of the Napa Valley Naughties, by Sonia Hightower SUPER  exciting ‘ADULT’ lovers package!

$444 wine glass charms, 1 wine carry bag (holds two),
1 wine bottle opener, 1 glow-in-the-dark vibrator, lubricant

(Grand Prize Winner must advise that they are over the age of 18. this prize is only offered to the mainland states)

Read on for a few teasers from the books! Get your copies now!

Ladies Uncorked, Grapes of Lust, Merlot & Men, Fine Like Wine

The Napa Valley Naughties is series of erotic shorts for the wine
enthusiast. Each story connects back to Vespera’s Vineyard, where magic happens.

ladies uncorked

In Ladies Uncorked, Rozella and her friend Nicole are off on a weekend wine tour.
They can’t believe the great deal they got, especially considering it’s a five-star hotel…
until they get to their room and discover they’re sharing a bed!
Will they make the most of the situation by getting their handsome tour guide involved?

grapes of lust

Instead of wrath, it’s lust in Grapes of Lust. Nicholas and Celia are
drowning their sorrows at Vespera’s. A twist of fate or the finagling of an
insightful vineyard owner? Whichever…the two brooders are placed together.
Does what happens at Vespera’s stay at Vespera’s, or continue to the

merlot and men

Ladies, be careful how you pack those vibrators! Charmaine is without hers
when she shows up to judge the regional wine competition and in need of some
stress relief, connects with servers, Logan and Dominic, unaware they work
for rival vineyards. Who says there isn’t a silver lining? Some TSA employee
may have confiscated her vibrator, but she’s got something better: Merlot & Men!

fine like wine

Magic always happens at Vespera’s…but it never seems to happen to
Vespera, and the lovely vineyard owner is proof that some things get better
with age. Talinda is determined to find out just how much better. Will their
coming together finally be Fine Like Wine or will too much heat too soon
cause a spoiled vintage?

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