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My Book Review of Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful? by Kuir ë Garang

Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful? by Kuir ë Garangisblack
The Nile Press (2013) ISBN: 9780991678945
3 Stars-

“Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?” is a controversial book inspired by race, racism and the misuse of ‘color’. I found this book to be thought provoking however a very, very difficult read. The Preface of the book suggested to me that I would find situations or events, things he has witnessed in his years of work with immigrants and races of all kinds. Instead, I found that the writing was bland and often confusing. I had to re-read paragraphs over and over to understand what Kuir was saying. For instance, this citing:

From ‘discovery’ of Africa to slavery and colonization of Africa, the Colored American had a sea of bullshit, mocked by bullshit, and lowered perceptually in humanity ladder of greatness by loads of bullshit (called science then) Yes, Harry, there is a lot of bullshit now, more than ever before. And of course, bullshit perpetuates bullshit. If there is so much bullshit around a person, the, when that person sees a lot of potentially-affecting bullshit all around her, then she has no option “to continue to make assertions that purport to describe the way things are,” however that person is doing nothing but creation of some more “bullshit.”

I understand what he is trying to say but I felt it was awkwardly placed on page 5. Seems like there is a point but you have to work so hard to get the point. Other parts of the book are so complex I had to look up these ‘big words’ to figure out what was going on.

There are other examples in the book that I could point out but I am not. Would this book benefit from a revised edition? For sure. I would have rather read about some of the experiences the author has had or witnessed, then moving on into examples. Sometimes I felt the author was trying much too hard to sound like he knew what he was talking about.

Nonetheless, I felt the passion in the authors work. You can clearly see that the author is serious about the way that “colored” people misuse the color black and transform it into something that is not relevant. Such as a little girl saying her favorite color is black because she is black and she is strong. How the ‘colorless’ people have considered that a black cat crossing the street in front of their car means something of bad luck. How the Europeans have influenced the notion that black equals bad/evil and the rest of the world goes along with it.

Is the book thought provoking? Yes, it is. Is the author passionate about his view? For sure! Does this book have potential? Yes it does.


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