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Guest Post by Author Casey Keen~Characters are Complicated!

One challenge I found in writing my novel was character development. What did I want them to look like, act like, speak like? What’s their favorite color or fashion? Do they have nicknames? And the list goes on.

Trying to create a dynamic situation where all of my characters are so different, yet similar, is a tough feat. When I wrote, I’ll Be Damned, I focused on each of the character’s individual “voices.” What do I mean by “voice?” Well, I asked myself, what kind of personality do I want them to have? Or, how will they influence my main character, Anna? The goal was to have each character touch her in a different way, but all mesh together beautifully.

Once I settled on my character dynamic, I drew out a “list” of traits. Now, I happen to be a list person and this style helps me, but it might not be for you. Whatever your “style” is, use it! Put the character’s name on a blank sheet of paper and itemize! Do you want your guy/gal to be funny? Serious? Dry humor? WHATEVER YOU WANT, YOU GOT IT! This is the beauty of creating your “own” people – they can be and act however you want them too (*evil laugh*)!!! So, go ahead… let yourself have some fun with them… after all, they’re going to be your new best friends for a while!

About Casey Keen: I was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in the suburban outskirts of this amazing city. I love anything paranormal ill be damnedand/or supernatural – seriously I live in Philadelphia! For those of you who don’t know, this city is an awesomely haunted place! This healthy paranormal addiction has provided me the motivation to write my first book, “I’ll Be Damned.”

I graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and I’m currently working on the Anna Wolfe Series.

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