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My Book Review of Three of Hearts by W. Ferraro + Giveaway!

5 Stars- Touching, Loving, Irresistible

Three of Hearts: Hamden Series Vol. 1 by W. Ferraro
W. Ferraro (2012) ISBN 9780615825502

Geez! Where do I begin with this book?  This story is 1st in the Hamden Series. I have to say, when I first received the request to review this title, I was a little thrown off by the cover. Now the cover originally was very pretty but I thought maybe this was going to be a boring read. I was determined to give it 100% of my attention. After I began reading the book, I noticed that there was cover reveal reintroducing this series. Now THAT is what I am talking about.

Mae Turney is new to town checking out some places for rent. She finds a wonderful lake house in a small town in Vermont. To Mae’s delight, she finds everything that she ever wanted and wondered how she could ever be so lucky. The house is perfect and the owner is a hottie. Seth Finn has three children and the reader will come to know his story, a story that will bring you to tears!

Not only is Seth really sexy he loves his children more than life itself. It is so wonderful to read about a man and his children. For a man to love  woman just the same, oh man, he has my heart.

I started reading and quickly found that this book was written very well. There is a excellent balance of showing and telling. The narrator showing you what you need to see and hear.  There was just enough dialogue to be part of the conversation but not so much you get bored. The characters told you their stories. I my senses were engaged on every page. From the soft descriptions of the air, to the joyful madness that children create, the temperature outside to the romantic love making scenes. At times, these sessions made me blush. I could tell this was the work of a mature mind writing this book.

The love between a man and a woman can be so explosive. Putting ego’s aside, when you love someone sometimes you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Like admit when you have made a mistake and go after the one you have hurt. Right your wrongs and say you’re sorry. In “Three of Hearts” I found that this was a heartfelt journey of two souls meeting in divine order.

Enter to win an ebook edition of “Three of Hearts”! There will be two winners! I will pick on 7/10/13!

And the winners are: Brandy Myers & Rose White! Thanks for stopping in ladies!


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