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My Book Review of Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday

4 Stars- An Excellent Novel!

4 Stars- An Excellent Novel!

Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday
Happy Bird Corporation  ISBN 9780974128702

In “Slave Graves” Dr. Frank Light is an archaeologist comfortably settled in his plush life as chairman of his universities archaeology department. He is called out to the back-water marshes of Maryland to check out a potential shipwreck on the Nanticoke River. Jake Terment is a real estate tycoon that is a little pissed off that this construction site is being held up by this so called shipwreck. Frank is called in to check it out and report there is no historical findings and get out.

Frank is teamed up with Maggie, a former student of Franks, and Pastor Allingham to perform the dig. I particularly liked the Pastor. He is an old soul that grew up in the area of River Sunday insisting on the old marsh was the rumored slave graves. Little by little they begin to find bones and skeletons all the while Jake trying to rush them off of his land.

Human butterflies protesting, shady workmanship lies and cover ups, “Slave Graves” is an excellent read! I enjoyed the contrast opinions of Black and White. There is a lot of history relating to slaves and how things were back then. Although this title is a work of fiction, I can believe that Thomas did a lot of research for this book. There are times I felt heartbroken and rage for the things that the Terment family was known for and the pressure that Jake puts on the team for the dig to come to an end. What an inhumane kind of character that I learned honestly to hate.

Maggie being someone I could consider similar to myself, not being able to keep her mouth shut and doesn’t take no for an answer. She gets what she wants and says whatever she pleases. As for the Pastor, I have to say he is my favorite. I love this character and wish he was real so I could shake his hand.

There is a battle between show and tell out there for authors. Thomas Hollyday has won this war and has an excellent balance when it comes to this. The writing is believable and relatable. I wouldn’t say that this book is predictable but rather would say that several twists and turns will lead the reader to believe something else might be the ending. I would highly recommend this book for people who want to step out and read something different. This is not your everyday good beats evil novel. It is original in its content and I am officially a fan!


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