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My Book Review of Monster by Ben Burgess, Jr


5 Stars- A Story Many Can Relate To

Monster by Ben Burgess, Jr
Wasteland Press (2013) ISBN 9780988374508

Reviewed by Savannah for Say What? Savannah Mae (7/2013)

I was first attracted to Monster when I received a post update from a fellow blogger. I have to say that my main attraction was the book cover. When I started to read her review, my initial thought was geared towards her response to the book and it started out with this: This story was not my normal read. Before reading be warned there is a LOT of sex in this book….” HA! That was it. I was hooked. The next thing I know Ben is submitting his book for review.

Growing up, Ken Ferguson was teased for being dark skinned and always felt that sense of not being good enough. His father was a lying cheating bastard that always made his mother cry. Ken was determined to be careful and not follow in his father’s footsteps.

Ken starts the narration of his story with heartbreak. A sensitive, good guy finding out that his fear was true. Bri was cheating on him. After long days and nights of being depressed, he gets up and changes his mind. He has to be a man. Bri didn’t want a soft mushy guy she could walk over, a guy who would beg for her to stay. She wanted a tough, rough neck guy who could handle her and take control. The hurt turned to anger and set the path for Ken’s transformation into becoming a Monster.

In my life, I had a similar situation that destroyed my heart and soul. It cost me a great deal of pain, heartache and several years of depression. This story resembles mine. Ken was me, acting out on my heartbreak. While Ken’s story goes much further over time, mine story ended within about 5 months after the heartbreak began and landed me pregnant with my son. I couldn’t help but relate to the fact that I was Ken, using myself as a weapon and hurting people around me. Leaving people hanging on waiting for me to make my next move…..Partying and lying and lying and partying. There was no stopping me. I was on a man hunt, ready to destroy any man that showed interest in having more than just a friendship with benefits. These men were my target. I was preying on those with soft hearts and insecurities.

While Ken’s story is much more dramatic than mine, it is the same. There is a lot of explicit sexual content throughout. Not only did the scenes seem to arouse my hormones, I felt a couple of times that I might even get pregnant from reading all the sex. It was just that good!

I had a personal connection to this story and if you have ever been a heartbreaker you will love this story. I recommend it to all! Interesting enough, when the book was over, it was over. A sense of closure was there. Monster is an exceptional read!


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