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My Book Review of The Dead Years Vol. 1 by Jeff Olah

The Dead Years Volume 1 by Jeff Olah
Amazon Digital Services, Inc. ISBN B00C08TANI
Reviewed by Savannah for Say What? Savannah Mae (7/2013)

the dead years vol1

5 Stars- Got My Heart Racing!

The Dead Years is a post-apocalyptic thriller broken down into several volumes. The cover is creepy and the content is freaky. Early on in this book the terror begins. Mason is the main character who just recently separated from his wife. He is avoiding her phone calls because he just knows she wants to give him hell about something he must have done to piss her off. While he is working out at the gym, he notices everyone is gathered around the tv watching seniors attacking each other.

Mason doesn’t have a clue what is going on but all the sudden everyone decides to up and leave the gym. They all head out and he is left alone in the gym. He decides to finish up and head out himself. This begins the struggle to escape the crazed people in the parking lot. But they aren’t human anymore, they seem to be animals. Ripping the flesh of people trying to escape leaving nothing but a fleshy, bloody mess behind.

This book really got my heart racing. It literally engaged my fear for the characters. Each scene is descriptive and gruesome. The writing is clear and easy to follow. But this book is not for those who are easily scared. Personally, I love thrillers and love the gore.  I have never read an apocalyptic title so this is a first. I was entertained, freaked out and left wanting more. Good thing volume 2 and 3 are ready!

I give Jeff mad praise for his work! I really, really loved this book and encourage everyone to put it on their one-click list. Get your fingers ready because Jeff is pumping out the volumes. I am hoping for at least 10. Join me as I follow Mason, his wife and son while they try to escape the Feeders.


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