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My Book Review of The Dead Years Volume 2 by Jeff Olah

The Dead Years Volume 2 by Jeff Olah
Amazon Digital Services, Inc. ASIN B00CNM9J3M
Reviewed by Savannah for Say What? Savannah Mae (7/2013)

The Dead Years vol2

5 Stars- Still Has My Heart Racing!

The Dead Years Volume 2 is the second in the post-apocalyptic thriller series. I was super excited to read volume 2 because Jeff actually wrote me into the book as a character. He doesn’t get 5 stars for that, I am just sayin’. Going into the second book, my heart rate was already up and it just keep its pace.

Since I haven’t read any zombie books prior to The Dead Years, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. This genre is one that I have just avoided over time because of how many people write about it and the numerous shows and movies. Much like the vampires, it’s easy to get caught up with same ol’ and I don’t want to get bored. I wasn’t bored at all and I am glad I was given a chance to review his books.

Volume 2 picks right back up where it leaves off in Volume 1. Accumulating a couple of new characters and the struggle for survival for these people is getting tougher. Some of the group are now injured, each other’s lives at stake, they all have to find a way to make it out of the city alive. They combine forces and set out on their journey.

I encourage everyone to see what this series is all about. With The Dead Years being quick and easy reads, I was able to finish both volumes within a couple of hours. I am ready for Volume 3!


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