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Guest Post by Author Marie F. Crow ~What does a horror author know of horror?

MarieFCrowMarie F Crow knows well that not all that goes “bump in the night” is always the dog. Most nights when she is tapping away on the newest installment of The Risen series, she knows she is not the only one in her office. On many occasions, she experiences proof of what most only jokes about.

It is not uncommon for her office door to open by itself and then close, as if someone has just walked in to check on her progress. The spare chair in her office will turn towards her, waiting to be acknowledged. Her writing music will change songs randomly and sometimes even on request. All of this is just on normal nights. Add in a full moon or extra guests the day prior and she never knows what to expect as a writing buddy that night.

The ghost also has firm ideas about what the content of the books should contain. When she finds herself stuck on a word choice, all she has to do is say the two words aloud and an answer will come as to which word, in its opinion, is the best selection. She has made jokes that the next books may have to have an acknowledgement section so she can include the ghost and all his advice.

All of this Marie F Crow takes with a smile and shrug. “You get used to it. When I see paranormal shows, I have to laugh. “Dude, did you see that?” They will yell with genuine excitement and I think to myself, “Dude, I see that every night.”.”

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The Risen Dawning


Marie F Crow is the author
of The Risen series.
Her books, “The Risen: Dawning” and “The Risen: Margaret
are currently listed on Amazon


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