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Guest Post by Author Devon Youngblood ~ My multiple addictions

youngbloodOne being my love for reading, I love to read new adult romances, I love the angst and the struggles that the characters go through.

The next is my favorite TV shows. The shows that I love so much have taken a backseat to my writing. Once they were my escape to reality now there they are just waiting on my DVR ready to be watched.

Not only has writing become my number addiction it is something that I need to do, and I need to do it on a daily basis, whether it is just a sentence, a paragraph or a whole chapter. I love when the characters just pop into my head and they come alive as I write my thoughts down. I love the journey of the twists and turns it takes me on.

Like my favorite TV shows writing has been my escapism. I can live in the characters world for as long as I write about them. They don’t judge me, they don’t talk about me, because I am the creator of their world. Whether I am reading a book or writing one, I want to feel like I am living in their world. I like to feel the emotion they are feeling. I just love everything about it.

With a notebook on my nightstand, I actually had my husband buy me a flashlight for when I have late night thoughts running through my head, and there have been many. He thinks I am crazy and laughs about it, but he is my biggest supporter. And I could not ask for anything better than that.



comingbacktoyouGet Ready! Coming Back to You by Devon Youngblood releases on August 27th, 2013

Maura is a twenty three year old who is still coping with her parents’ sudden death two years ago. She recently graduated from college and now has her own catering business. A best friend-roommate who has been there through it all and helps make life manageable. Until first love Pierson Hammer comes walking back into her life. Pierson has demons of his own, after serving in the military for five years. Tormented from his past and present. he comes home hoping to make amends with Maura. Can Maura forgive Pierson for leaving her all those years ago? Can she trust him with her future? Will she open herself up completely?

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