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My Book Review of Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures Volume One by Jayce Grayson

Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures Volume One by Jayce Grayson
Infinity Publishing ISBN 9780741464729
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae July 2013

4 Stars- Certainly a different kind of sexy!

Xianne” is the first novel in this series. It is written in the voice of Jim Street, a young virgin in search of freedom from the Earthly life. Jim is familiar with the solar system and eagerly wants off into space. The setting is in the future, what the author predicts to be the new culture of porn. Jim soon meets his shipmates and begins learning a bit more about them than he felt comfortable.

I fell in love with each character for their personalities. Dr. Sharon Miles is my favorite by far. I wish I had her temperament. I loved how her doctor qualities gave her such a sensitive soul among all of the sexual things that she participates in. The captain, Tom Duncan, is quite the character himself. Tom seemed to be one of the most generous of all characters portrayed with lots of money. The other shipmates included a blonde name Keira (which is confusing to me as the girl on the front is not a blonde) and a petite Asian girl named Suki and I cannot forget the horny toad, Saxton. Sax is the perfect air-head kind of dude. Loud and proud and super duper funny.

Going into this book, I had read previous reviews which lead me to believe that I would have some sort of arousal in a sexual nature. While the book has lots of sexual content, I did not find it as “panty-drenching” as some others have. I can imagine that the future volumes might take it up a notch and become a little more graphic. I was not turned on in the panty area of this book but I was not turned off by this observation in the least. I found it quite humorous and really, really entertaining.

Jayce has a way with his narration where I could both see and hear as turned the pages. I love the writing style. As I have noted in reviews before, there is a war with showing and telling. I whole-heartily feel that Jayce has won this war for himself. In the back of my mind, I wanted more “dirty”. I had assumed and judged “Xianne” falsely and found myself pleasantly surprised that the dirty portrayed was merely a norm for the characters. Where today we would consider the things happening in the book to be out of this world and would be looked down upon by the average do-gooder.

I highly recommend this book because it’s funny. The entertainment value speaks higher and requires you to use your own imagination. I know that Volume Two is up and ready, I will be adding this to my collection very soon. I applaud Jayce and I am a huge fan. I will officially have his cyber baby!


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