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My Book Review of Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash + Giveaway!

Brood X: A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion by Michael Phillip Cash
CreateSpace ISBN 9781481843904
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae July 2013

Brood Ten is the story about a couple on Long Island who just found out that they are expecting a baby in the summer. Seth & Lara are married and getting through some hard times. Seth has been laid off and is on unemployment while Lara is a teacher. Of course, Lara needs Seth to get out there and find a job before they completely go through their entire savings. Since they are expecting a baby, Seth runs out and buys a video camera to document the pregnancy.

5 Stars- Skin crawling awesomeness!

While watching the news, there is a warning of an infestation of cicadas expected in the spring. Lara is immediately freaked out and urging Seth to prepare. Seth doesn’t take head to the warning and continues on about his daily life. Every trip to the store he finds that supplies are running out. Everyone is buying all the batteries, bottled water and all the can goods the store could possibly carry. Playing it off like nothing is going to happen, Seth ignores Lara’s pleas to pay attention. Seth continues to assure Lara that there is nothing to worry about.

The couple decides to take in Lara’s best friend Marni, and future godmother of their baby, and her boyfriend who had also fallen on hard times. Seth and Marni have a love-hate relationship that makes for a bit of drama in the house. Marni and her boyfriend seem to be leaching off of the couple. Seth and Lara are paying for food and shelter for these two and it’s getting under his skin.

The story unfolds slowly as I learned about the characters and then bam! All hell breaks loose and the cicadas are invading. Seth is surely regretting not preparing with batteries and water. Lara is coming close to her due date and there is no power, cell service, water or food supply. They are stuck. Their relationships are put to the test in the quest to survive. But will they?

Brood X made my skin crawl. The writing is breezy and I found myself turning the pages faster and faster as I read along. My heart was throbbing and I was grossed out. There hasn’t been a ton of books or even movies lately that make me feel this way. I can imagine I would cover my eyes if this were a movie. It freaked me out enough to keep me from going outside too much. I keep hearing cicadas outside. I never noticed them before. EW!

I was so pleasantly crept out. I even emailed Michael to tell him his book was disgusting and I loved it. It’s one of those things where I couldn’t help myself. Brood X put the fear of cicadas in my soul and I have to say that this is one of the best books I have read all year.

If you want a read to scare the hell out of you, pretty quickly, Brood X is where it is at! This book is movie-worthy!

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