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A Special Author Spotlight ~ M.L. Doyle ~ Fresh Off The Press!!

thepeacekeeperThe Peacekeeper’s Photograph Synopsis: The NATO mission in Bosnia is to broker peace between warring factions and help restore a devastated county. It’s a mission the world is watching. But when Master Sergeant Lauren Harper makes a gruesome discovery, she has a new mission. Saving herself. Harper, a career soldier, is innocent of the crime she is accused of, but she’s guilty of a lot of other things, like inappropriate feelings for her commanding officer, Colonel Neil McCallen and failing to lead a soldier who needed her help. To get out of the mess she’s in, Harper must employ all of her wits and the help of an unexpected friend from across the pond, Sergeant Major Harry Fogg. Her mistakes land Harper in the worst trouble she’s ever faced. She is forced to choose. Save herself and risk the lives of others, or stay, and face a life of degradation and slavery.

Sapper's PlotThe Sapper’s Plot Synopsis: The last thing Master Sergeant Lauren Harper needs is another difficult mission. Her ordeal in Bosnia left her traumatized and worn out. But a soldier doesn’t get to say no to official orders. At least this time she’s embarking on a humanitarian mission. What could go wrong? Turns out, just about everything. Harper travels with a group of Combat Engineers–also known as Sappers, to the tropical jungles of a Honduran village, only to find a gruesome murder. Cut off from the main base because of the hostile weather, Harper and a man she hoped she’d never see again, CW4 Fletcher Mayes, are forced to take charge of the investigation. Lurking in the shadows are sketchy-looking locals, insolent Sappers and an aggressive TV news team looking for a steamy scandal. In the midst of it all, the arrival of Sergeant Major Harry Fogg provides some much-needed solace but also muddles her concentration. Harper begins to think danger will find her wherever she goes, even in the deepest jungles of Honduras. At times, she feels her slightest movement will send her tumbling over a cliff–and heights are about the only thing Harper fears.

Mary's Author photosmM. L. Doyle has served in the U.S. Army at home and abroad for more than two decades as both a soldier and civilian. A Minneapolis native, Mary currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

The first book in the Master Sergeant Harper mystery series, The Peacekeeper’s Photograph, takes place in a small Army outpost during the Bosnian Peacekeeping mission. The Peacekeeper’s Photograph, was the winner of the Carey McCray Memorial Literary Award for best novel from the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop. The Sapper’s Plot, is the second book in the series, also published in 2013. The third book will come along as soon as it is ready.

Mary is the co-author of the memoir, I’m Still Standing: From Captive U.S. Soldier to Free Citizen—My Journey Home, which chronicles the story of Shoshana Johnson, a member of the 507th Maintenance Company who was captured during an ambush and held prisoner in the early days of the Iraq War.  The book, published by Touchstone, in 2010, was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the literary category for best Auto/biography.

Mary has also co-authored, SOLDIER, GENERAL, MOTHER, SELF: THE STORY OF A SMALL TOWN GIRL’S RISE TO GENERAL OFFICER. The memoir, which chronicles the life of Brigadier General (Ret.) Julia Cleckley, is scheduled for publication by Water Street Press in 2013.

Mary’s adult romance series, LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS, which features four novellas, is also scheduled for monthly release starting in September 2013. Mary created these stories under the pen name, Louise Kokesh.

Mary has a bachelor of Arts in broadcast communications from Metropolitan State University and a Master of Arts from the University of Oklahoma in International Relations.


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