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Book Review of The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich

Review first published on RebeccasReads

The Silver Sphere: The Kin Chronicles
Michael Dadich
Evolved Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781622536023
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Rebecca’s Reads (8/13)

The Silver Sphere” happens to be my first fantasy read. I accepted this title for review because I was curious to see if I could enjoy a fantasy book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could enjoy this genre. Jam packed with good versus evil, this was a great start off in the fantasy world for me.TheSilverSphere2

From the first chapter, my attention was captured. It started out with Shelby Pardow who is the daughter of an alcoholic father, Byron, whom she calls “the beast” while he is drinking. I can fully relate to Shelby and I was attracted to her from the beginning.  Shelby’s mother had left the family leaving her father in a state of mind that drinking was his only way to deal. In the midst of dysfunction, the story brings out the strength in Shelby and the other characters on this new planet, Azimuth, they have recently been exposed to.

Zach Ryder is another character that I had strong feelings for. He is the kid being bullied at school and beat up. Neglected by his new adopted parents, he never seems to find comfort at home. After the death of his parents, the struggle for love and affection is on.

Riley, Stewart, Max and Emily are the other kin. They all have their own battle to fight and lessons to learn. As the story progresses, they will all unite and learn more about each other. I happened to be less connected with these four as my favorites were for sure Zach and Shelby.

All the teenagers are summons by instant messenger on their computers at different times. Once they follow the plea for help, they find themselves being teleported to Azimuth. These teens are kin of six members of the Aulic Assembly on the planet. With names similar to their own, they have to find the strength to become a warrior to save the planets, both Azimuth and Earth. They are all unsure of what they are supposed to do or what exactly is happening but in time they find their strength and go to war with Biskara and his Nightlanders. Biskara would otherwise be known as the devil or Satan on Earth.

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the language used as I am not used to reading such dialog. This is something I knew I would probably come across being my first take. Michael Dadich has a way with words that perfectly describes the scenery. I could fully imagine what the characters were seeing and feeling. I even enjoyed the stenches throughout the book that gave more face to these strange creatures living on Azimuth. I happened to fancy Baku, the dream-eater. His purpose is to devour nightmares as of the Kin, releasing Zach from a spell early on.

I feel like “The Silver Sphere” was a complex read. It gave my mind great exercise and my imagination some vivid color. I wouldn’t think this book is for the average teen as I am over 30 and had a bit of a struggle. I really cannot wait until the next book is out and ready. I want to see where this evil picks back up and goes next. Without giving too much detail about the book, I feel I can honestly recommend this title to lovers of fantasy and mystical characters. I was very, very happy to have had the glossary in the back. I did have to refer to it to assist me in my adventure. It did make it easier for me to comprehend what was going on.

I must also note that this book is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. The dust cover around the hardcover is just absolutely stunning. If I had to judge this book by its presentation alone, I honestly would say this is the best looking book I have ever held in my hands. The paper is soft to the touch and I just loved it. I removed the dust cover to preserve it while I was reading. I didn’t want to take the chance in even one wrinkle! This book is available in a couple of different formats but I don’t think anything can beat the hardcover. Just simply amazing!


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