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Book Review of The Darkness of the Womb by Richard B. Knight

The Darkness of the Womb by Richard B. Knight
BookBaby ASIN B00DGA768A
Reviewed by Jen Perlin for Say What? Savannah Mae October 2013
5 Stars- A ten out of ten and a five-star all in one!

DarknessWhat happens when the other side is a darkened version of wonderland? Follow the darkness of course. Following a scary story with a horrifying line and an amazing outcome, how do you handle the knowledge that your birth is the catalyst of doom? You refuse your birth! That is what Marigold and Jeff Haunts son decide to do when the greater powers showed him bits of his future. With every step taken in a new direction and guided by a bevy of larger than life beings of emotion you will find the darkness more inviting.

Marigold and Jeff Haunt’s lives are anything but perfect though through all the trials and trouble the light at the end of the tunnel is there soon to be miracle baby. Follow the dark and racing adventure of the lengths parents will go to save their child.

The Darkness of the Womb is a thought-provoking adventure into the darkness of the beyond and shows how little we can truly understand of what comes next and the test we face before. This author has skyrocketed to the top of my must read list.

The Darkness of the Womb is a book that can delve into the darkness and hold you through the whole time so that the world drops away is a top of the line rarity in my estimation!! This book shows what a parents devotion tested to the limits will do when faced with the greatest darkness.


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