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Book Review of All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue

All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue
William Morrow Paperbacks ISBN 9780062203816
Reviewed by Robin Davis for Say What? Savannah Mae October 2013
3 Stars- An easy, light, beach read

All the Summer Girls” tells the story of three twenty-nine year old childhood friends, Vanessa, Kate, and Dani. Their friendship was forever changed 8 years ago with the tragic death of Kate’s twin brother, Colin. They return to the beach town for a long summer weekend  to support each other throughallthesummergirls their current struggles and deal with the secrets of what happened the night Colin died.

Kate is a lawyer who has her life meticulously planned.  Her life changes in an instant when she discovers she is pregnant the same day she is dumped by her fiancee just 3 months before their wedding.

Vanessa left an art career behind to be a wife and stay at home mom to her two year old daughter. To all they appear the perfect family. On the inside Vanessa is trying to deal with the indiscretion of her husband kissing another woman.

Dani is an aspiring author who just lost her 12th job in 7 years.  She has hit rock bottom with drugs and alcohol and needs to decide what next to do in her life.

While I enjoyed the plot and the writing, this book wasn’t one of my favorites. I just didn’t feel like I connected with the characters, which is what makes a good read into a great read for me. I didn’t get lost in the book. While the plot was believable, it just didn’t flow.

I knew all 3 women were hiding a secret about the night Colin died, but I expected something a little more out of everyone. I expected darker secrets and greater reactions to the revelations from the women. I was left thinking, “That’s all?” It was disappointing. I would have liked to see less pages on character development and more depth into the story of their secrets and the effect it had on their lives. While there is a hint of where everyone is heading at the end, the conclusion left me hanging. With standalone stories like this, I like to see an epilogue that ties everything up. This book lacked that feeling of resolution.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.  Overall I would recommend it for an easy, light, beach read.


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