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Book Review of White Leaves (E.L.F. Volume 1) by M.P. Ness

White Leaves (E.L.F. Volume 1) by M.P. Ness
CreateSpace (2013) ISBN: 9781484899564
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae October 2013
4 Stars- Intriguing Fantasy, New Concept

M.P. Ness has written a Fantasy novel like no other! I began reading “White leaves” unsure of what to expect. I find that many Fantasy books are writtenELF220 with vocabulary that is often hard for me to follow easily. Ness has created characters that are believable and an end-of-the-world scenario that can be followed easily. There is a great balance of understanding and being able to visualize the world written on these pages.

Finding out that elves really do exist, Shannon Hunter is thrown into a world unknown to her and has to learn to deal with the hand she has been dealt. At the tender age of 19, Shannon is a strong young woman. Very hard headed at times but true to her beliefs. Shannon never did love the fact her father monetized off of the trees, never understanding why he couldn’t hear their cry for help. Setting aside your every day “tree hugger” idea, Shannon expresses compassion that you may not normally see in an eco-terrorist member.

Shannon finds herself caught between having to be capture by the FBI or escape with one of the Black Leaves, Deh Leccend. As the story progresses, Shannon has to come to terms with her life and discover how to stop the elimination of mankind. Feeling completely lost and helpless, she sets out with Deh to learn all she can. With only seven days for mankind to thrust what they have stolen from Mother Earth into the seas, Shannon has to find out how to keep all of mankind from being destroyed. She does not want to be the only one left.

Point of views moved nicely from Shannon to the FBI Agent Ben Connelly determined to find Shannon since her escape with the Deh, one of the elves. Agent Ben Connelly is relieved from his duties in the investigation of E.L.F. after his claim of seeing something resembling elves. His frustration in trying to come to terms with what he saw and the pressure to omit the truth in his reporting’s.

The writing is smooth, and it’s quite magical I have to say. Yes, it was a bit hard for me to follow when learning about the elves and their meanings. Their names alone are hard to pronounce. Thank goodness for the glossary in the back. I did jump to it several times to see if I could repeat some of the names out loud. I will say that I feel like White leaves would be something fantastic to watch. The action and suspense grabbed me at the right time. With flashbacks, I learned who Shannon was. The character development was done well.

While it did take me a bit longer than normal to read this book, it was totally worth it. If you love Fantasy, “White Leaves” is one you may want to pick up and give a shot. I am excited to move on to “Blighted Leaves Volume 2” when it is ready. With the paperback of Volume 1, the first chapter is printed in the back of the book, as well as the kindle version. It was a nice peak into the next book. Highly recommended!


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