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Book Review of Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold M.D.

Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold M.D.
CreateSpace 2013 ISBN 9781490573939
Reviewed by Jen Perlin for Say What? Savannah Mae (11/13)
5 Stars- A Solid Recommendation to Friends

Let me start by saying that I was not captured from the very beginning of “Deadly Passage”, it took about three chapters. The style of writing carry’s a very educated air and a responsibility to the facts, which for me is quite a positive attribute. You start out by getting to know this Deadly Passagefamily of three, Dr. Andy Reiss his wife Jesse and their daughter Rachel who have been living at sea for the past few years. On the final journey towards home the unsuspecting family comes across two survivors that have been stranded in the water, it quickly becomes apparent that these two people are not what they seem.

Unbeknownst to the family they have just allowed two homegrown Bio-Terrorists on to their boat infected with a horrific strain of small pox. As the duo, a brother and sister, worsen and the disease becomes even more apparent, Dr. Reiss has to use all of his hard earned knowledge in infectious disease. All the while Mother Nature is bearing down on the family with nowhere else to go but forward and being blocked by the very people that are out there to protect us, follow through the torrential twist and turns as you quickly get sucked into this tale of terror from the sea.

I am in love with a good thriller and if a book can catch my attention then it usually will hold me until I finish the last word. Dr. Gold has a fantastic way of weaving several plot twists and different characters in to one amazing story and being able to keep it straight enough that the understanding of the reader never falters.

So much is going on in the story but it never strays from the original concept which is the adventure of the Reiss family and that lends to creating a very strong plot line helping manage all the smaller ones nicely. I will say that a story told well enough will bleed into reality in some way shape or form for me and this one had me very leery of every cough sneeze or itch around me. In the end I would rate “Deadly Passage” a five-star read and a solid recommendation to friends.


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