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Book Review of The C.E.O. by Steve Bederman

The C.E.O by Steve Bederman
CreateSpace 2010 ISBN 9781452834818
Reviewed by Jen Perlin for Say What? Savannah Mae November 2013

When I pick up a book, I look for a few key elements related to the genre it falls under. For a good thriller I look for the first few chapters to set The CEOup some of the mystery leading me to the thriller part, the key players to be introduced, and within the first five chapters to get into enough of a scene that my pulse gets to racing. The last part is very important to me. “The C.E.O” by Steve Bederman had me at the very first chapter.

Mr. Bederman did a wonderful job of describing the emotional and physical state of the very first character we meet that when I started into the story I was already thrumming in my ears and completely absorbed into the book. I do have one little critique in some areas the sentences seemed to mesh together, and while the storyline was strong and possessed me through the book that was a tiny personal peeve of mine.

Mitch Jacobs is no stranger to the fast life and faster intrigue. So when the newest set of circumstances opens the door to an even bigger mystery he is ready to meet the task head on in a fantastical race against time. The more he uncovers the more questions there are to answer and at the root stands a mystery based not in the people around him but the countries. Follow Mitch as the intrigue goes around the world and back again.

As this grand mystery moves on, Mitch is getting sucked deeper and deeper into the web. He is learning who to trust and whose secrets are darker than the deepest holes. Through all the darkness and deception there is love, lust and a true understanding of the darker side of humanity.

I enjoyed this read and will get further books from this author. I like a good flow and a solid main character that has flaws and even as they fight greater-than-life odds still manage to appear to retain what makes them human. I especially like the all point of view it had in certain areas making sure that no one part of the story was lost or left behind.

All of these things come together to make a very good story and a shelf keeper for me. “The C.E.O.” by Steve Bederman gets a rating of 4 and a half stars from me and a recommend to anyone that likes to fall in to the behind the scenes of corporate intrigue.



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