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Book Review of The Risen Dawning by Marie F. Crow

The Risen Dawning by Marie F. Crow
Marie F Crow Publishing 2013 ISBN 9780615795485
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae November 2013
5 Stars- Dark & Deathly Poetic

Article first published as eBook Review: ‘The Risen Dawning’ by Marie F. Crow on Blogcritics.The Risen Dawning

Before I dove into “The Risen Dawning” by Marie F. Crow, I have to admit I went to Amazon to check out what others were saying. Of course, like many reviews posted out there, there was a mix of good and bad. I never set my own expectations based on what others say but I wanted to see what people were saying.

Reviews come down to a matter of taste and writing style. Not everyone is professional when writing their reviews and not all of the reviewers out there are respectable. There were mentions online about how the romance was terrible and the chapters were wordy or didn’t get to the point right away. I have to respectfully disagree.

Now, I will say that the writing style is some form of dark poetry mixed with female sarcasm, a writing style similar to a disturbing sweetness. The main character, Helena Hawthorn, is living her dark life in the shadows of her siblings, never living up to the expectations of her family. Helena is never quite as good or worthy of her parents’ love or affection as her siblings.

This is a zombie horror story from a female perspective. While there are relationships and friendships tested, this is not, by any means, a romance novel. Those who dared to compare it to a romance novel truly give potential readers a misleading start.

I have not read but a couple of zombie books. I do not watch zombies on TV or follow the craze in the paranormal fantasy world. I consider this a good thing because that means I can give my overall best, offer the most open mind, without comparison to any other book or even compare to a best-seller.

So I can simply say Marie F. Crow really has taken my heart.

While some cannot appreciate the descriptive writing style, I have to say that it painted a perfect picture. Like a horror movie with soothing classical music in the background but then the sound becomes more intense in the right places and makes you jump or squirm because you didn’t expect what was coming next, right there on the pages in black and white.

That might sound crazy but what is the purpose of reading a book if you have to use your own imagination to guess what to see when the author lays it out perfectly that you visualize what they want you to see? The only reasonable comparison for the writing style is one of a dreamer. The Risen Dawning is similar to an exaggerated dreamer, clinging to details, leaving nothing behind. Refreshing to say the least.

Is “The Risen Dawning” different? Oh yes. Was I satisfied? No…I am left yearning for more! Would I recommend this book to females across the land? Yes, in a heartbeat! This is Marie’s first book in her series and she really has me as a fan. I am excited to read the next in this series.


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