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Book Review: Black by Catherine Winters

BlackJosephine Berendt has her life together. She is a successful author who makes her living writing fictional paranormal novels about vampires and their lives. This has caught the attention of some real-life vampires and they seek out to find out what she really knows and put a stop to her telling their secrets. Innocently, Josephine publishes these books and does not consider her novels to be anything but fiction. While she seems to have her life together and finally gotten over her ex, Max Spencer, she finds herself in a predicament when she shows up one day on her door step. Max tells makes a confession that will forever change their lives.

Black” by Catherine Winters is simply awesome! I am so excited I had the chance to review this book. When it comes down to it, the story grabbed me right the beginning and I actually read the entire book in one sitting. However this did take me all day one Saturday afternoon, but I enjoyed thoroughly.

Because I do not limit my reading to just one particular genre, I think that this allows me to go in open minded when starting a new book. Often people compare indie books to other big names in the business but that is truly unfair to compare any one story to another.

I have always been intrigued about vampires and witches and mostly watch them in movies or tv shows rather than read them. “Black” by Catherine Winters made me feel like I was watching a movie. I would recommend this “Black” to lovers of vampire stories. This isn’t just a vampire novel; “Black” has several dramatic aspects that make the characters real. I found myself relating Josephine and her experiences, even the desperate ones that come along.

I also think a good run-over from a proofreader would make this read 5 stars for me! Editing issues can hinder the success of a book however the few editing issues I found were minor and did not distract me from the story. They were noticeable nonetheless.

Setting aside the minor editing issues, I really think Catherine is a talented author and “Black” is Brilliant!

Catherine Winters
ISBN: 9781622371136 Turquoise Morning Press (2012)
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae (1/14)
4 Stars – Brilliant Vampire Drama!


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