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Book Review: ‘Miracle Man’ by William R Leibowitz


5 Stars

Miracle Man by William R Leibowitz is the fictional story of Robert James Austin.  Thrown away at birth, we follow over forty years of Robert ‘Bobby’s’ incredible life, his journey while dealing with a constant feeling of abandonment  and his minds own fight against itself.  Born into this world and discarded, Bobby is placed into a foster home.  Loved and cared for by his foster parents, Bobby is unlike any other person in the world.  At 4 years old he is tested and placed into the category of ‘profound intelligence.’ His IQ cannot be determined, there is no way to measure his true intelligence, and those tests just don’t exist because no one like him exists.  Miracle Man is a heartbreaking, inspirational and beautifully written story.  I was absolutely consumed by this story the minute I started reading.

Miracle Man, for me, progressed very slowly, but it was so thorough, such a great story and the characters were so well developed.  We follow Bobby from birth into his mid-forties.  There are moments when the story will jump months and even years, yet it still covered a lot of time in Bobby’s life and career.  I found all of the characters to be very well written, consistent, organized and enjoyable.  Bobby is one of the best characters I have ever read.  He is simple and genuine.  He sacrifices his life for the betterment of mankind, and with it comes so many moments of heartbreak, you just want to shake him and hold him, and as the reader you can feel the other characters in his life who want to do the same thing.  He values the gift he has been given and understands its rarity; he is such a beautiful character.  His relationships with Joe, Susan and Christina symbolize true loyalty, love and that family isn’t always blood related.  Joe guiding Bobby like a father would a son, Christina’s ability to calm him and bring him back to reality were some of the most beautiful moments.  I also loved Susan and her witty moments.

The one thing I found heartbreaking was Bobby’s constant struggle with himself and his own mind.  While he is battling himself he also has to battle the greed of those trying to bring him down.  There is constant turmoil throughout his life, and as a reader I just wanted him to find peace.  Bobby is such a remarkable person doing incredible things for the world, he deserved it, he deserved to do these amazing things for mankind with his own peace of mind.  While so many people loved him, there were those people who wanted to destroy him because it affected their own financial status.  While he does everything he can to ignore it by remaining in his own world and focusing on his work, it gets to a point where it just can’t be ignored any longer.

It is devastating, especially when put into a real world scenario, that if someone so amazing truly existed in our society today, that they could potentially be hidden because their intelligence would ultimately lose money for companies, but save millions of lives.  What if these discoveries were bought and then hidden?  What if someone this remarkable who can change our world exists?   To think that money supersedes life for many people is evil personified.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Miracle Man” by William R Leibowitz.  It gets you thinking about our own lives, our current system and the corruption that exists.  I was a bit disappointed at how the story ended, I wasn’t expecting what was discovered, but I ended the book thinking Whoa!  What will happen? What if? There wasn’t a cliffhanger, but I felt there was also more to the story.  We spend all this time with Bobby and while questions are answered, I felt it ended somewhat abruptly.  I don’t want to say more, to avoid spoilers, but this is an incredible book.  I loved the story and I loved the characters! I give Miracle Man 5 Stars!

Miracle Man
William R Leibowitz
Manifesto Media Group (2014)
Reviewed by Courtney Chebat for Say What? Savannah Mae (2/14)


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