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Book Review: Vengeance Is Mine by Leon Opio

VengeanceIsMins“Vengeance Is Mine” by Leon Opio took me by surprise! Four people trapped in separate rooms, all connected somehow to this murderous person seeking vengeance. All of these people have done something to the main character, and as the story takes off, more details are revealed. Not much more can be given about this horror read without offering spoilers, and I just refuse to spoil while writing a review.

Leon Opio is an indie author who should be taking off quickly in the horror genre. Opio’s delivery was on point and had me on the edge of my seat the entire book. While the print version of the book probably seems longer than it actually is (because of formatting), I ran through this entire book in just a couple of hours.

As I got more and more into the story, I could not believe the twists and turns that where waiting to be discovered. I swear it was like reading something out of the “Saw” movie series, except it wasn’t a copy-cat version. I have to say that I could not put “Vengeance Is Mine” down at any point. When I reached the end, I was then again surprised.

The writing style that Opio has is clear and to the point. There are no scenes dragging to fill up pages. I learned what I needed to know about the characters as the story progressed through dialog, and I didn’t have to question if I was given enough back-story to understand. I was very impressed with how everything flowed, and, given the increase in my heart rate while reading, “Vengeance Is Mine really hit the spot for my undying love for the thrill-the-heck-out-of-me horror genre.  The artwork for the cover is also worth mentioning as it is unique, and the artist created this image just for the book and honestly depicts what the reader will discover inside.

My only point of critique for “Vengeance Is Mine” would be that the book doesn’t seem to be formatted properly for print, and there wasn’t a customary title page with copyright info etc. I also have the kindle version on my tablet and I skimmed through just to see how it was presented, and the formatting looked great. A few tweaks in this area would really do wonders for those (like myself) who prefer a paperback over eBook. 4 stars!

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ by Leon Opio on Blogcritics.

Vengeance is Mine
Leon Opio
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781482530179
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae (3/14)


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