Book Review

Book Review: Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution by J.M Erickson

Future PrometheusSargent Jose Melendez is a brilliant man who also has Asperger’ Syndrome. He witnessed first hand an odd and dangerous occurrence while in Brazil. Men fighting and killing each other unprovoked. He later learns the majority of the men population is affected by toxic steroid levels causing them to become extremely violent. The human race is on the verge of extinction. He is one of few men who hasn’t been infected. He teams up with another doctor named Marcella Del Cruz. They have been experimenting with cryogenic sleep and Jose volunteers to go for seven months in stasis which at that time hasn’t been done. After awakening from what seemed several months is actually 150 years. He is informed by AP’s that there is a new megastate and is controlled by women. Jose also learns that male children are being executed once they hit puberty. Jose trains the AP’s as he would an Army and comes up with a pan to save the children

Future Prometheus” by J.M Erickson is a work of fiction. I do enjoy reading a good science fiction book and this was it. This book had a unique story line which can be hard in the science fiction genre. Although at times I couldn’t separate when a new character was talking I did enjoy the story. I liked the concept of women being in charge. I would recommend this book to anyone a fan of science fiction or post apocalyptic life.

Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution
J.M Erickson
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478704188
Reviewed by Laura B. for Say What? Savannah Mae (4/14)


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