Book Review

Book Review: Pockets of the Dead by Karen Carr

PocketsOfTheDeadIt all started one night while Helena “Hella” was a having a pity party complete with junk food. She was mad at her boyfriend Stan. How could he accuse her of cheating? She  started to hear strange noises coming from outside. What she saw shocked her. People were attacking and biting other people. She decides to hide out in her bathroom with her laptop. She could hear those moaning sounds and it scared her. She chats with friends online and finds out it’s happening everywhere. Could it be a zombie apocalypse?

Pockets of the Dead” by Karen Carr is a story about a young woman’s survival during a zombie apocalypse. While it doesn’t say what is causing people to turn I still found it a great read. I couldn’t put it down! There is a unique twist with the zombies which I really liked. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a good zombie story with a twist.

Pockets of the Dead
Karen Carr
Muletown Press (2014)
Reviewed by Laura B. for Say What? Savannah Mae (4/14)


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