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Featured Book: Watcher in the Darkness: Book 1 Cold Blood and Black Tar by K.M. Spires


Watcher in the Darkness: Cold Blood and Black Tar by K.M. Spires
Some people have to struggle to stand apart. Some are just born weird. Toby knows better than anyone what it means to be different. His father and grandmother are vampire royalty. Toby’s mother was a human that used him to murder her entire family. Not really a vampire, not really mortal, Toby is all alone in the world. The only way he can become a true vampire and live a normal life is to find the Tepes Chalice then enlist the aid of a reluctant teenage necromancer. Sounds simple enough, right? Yeah. Sure. Here’s the thing; Toby’s ex hid the Chalice thirty years ago. The necromancer, Karen, might be of more help, if only the two of them could stop arguing. Toss in Toby’s unrelenting thirst for blood, the sudden return of his mortal enemy, and a horde of wild vampires rampaging through the city, and it’s hard to imagine how things could get much worse. Enter the Watchers. A secret organization that’s declared eternal war on any threat against humanity, the Watchers are the bogeymen to all vampire kind. Homeless and without a territory of his own, soon Toby will become the one that’s hunted.

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