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Book Review: Forbidden Forever by Christy Dilg

ForbiddebForeverLaney and Michael Collins have been married for 14 years with two children. Michael has grown mentally abusive over the years and Laney has taken the stabs about her weight for a long time. Laney is no longer a suitable woman for Michael and he repeatedly puts her down, a very real situation that initially intrigued me. In addition, I was also interested in reading this book because of its “big girl” theme, leading me to believe it would be a heroic story of a woman overcoming her insecurities and learning how to stand up to her nasty spouse. With this particular situation, insert a “steamy” affair and you got big time drama, right? Sounded excellent to me!

Based on their children being teens and having been married for 14 years, I assume Laney and Michael are around 35-40 age range. I do not know this for sure because I do not recall seeing an exact age pointed out for the adult characters in this book. However, Dr. Chance Turner is described as “a tall man in his 40’s is looking down at me with a wide grin on his face and eyes as blue as the ocean” In “Chapter 1 Laney’s POV.” As you can probably guess, Dr. Turner becomes the man who Laney has an affair with, hence the “Forbidden Forever” title.

I will say that Laney’s feelings are believable when she is reflecting on her verbal abuse from her husband and the thought of how her children will be affected should they ever witness the abuse. Laney clearly loves her children and the mother’s instinct was there. I would say that Laney’s personality is developed well. But let’s get to the meat and potatoes of my review.

“Chapter 1

Laney’s POV”

This heading above is the exact introduction to this book. My first thought was “what the hell is POV?” Ok, I get it that I can be an airhead at times but WHY, someone please tell me why, as a reader do I need to Google what “POV” stands for so I can move on in the book. I get it now, point of view. Great…duh my bad. I would like to point out that it was annoying that there is writers jargon in chapter headers. And this is just the first chapter. Every single POV change (which there were 20 that I counted total) is listed just like this:

“Chance’s POV”

Furthermore, each and every change in point of views repeated the same exact scene…same dialog everything. I skipped almost every other chapter because it was nothing but repeats. Then later towards the end of the book, Michael’s character randomly has an inserted POV. In addition to this, another character popped back up at the end of the book that I could not recall knowing who it was. I did go back to the beginning to see if I could figure out who this person was and the character ended up being the daughter of Laney’s best friend. A character that could have not even been mentioned at all and it would have been just the same. I have never seen anything quite like this…ever.

I happen to be 32 (almost 33) years old. When I pick up a book that is considered adult romance, I expect the book to have mature content. The characters seem a bit immature for their perceived ages which led me to the question of how old is the author and does she have the life experience to portray mature characters? Example: We have a 40ish year old doctor who runs back to mommy for permission on who he loves/dates or whatever. For a grown man (whose character is a doctor) you have to come a little harder for me to believe that a smart man is still not weaned from his mother’s nipple at 40. This makes a weak, sad character personality for me. Maybe this is a cool trait for the twenty something crowd but not for me. I happen to have enough life experience to know that this is beyond ridiculous.

When it comes down to happily ever after, I find magical fairytale romances are achieved much too easily. I personally like the thrill leading up to the explosive romance, not handing it out in the fifth chapter. I also know there are more ways to describe a vagina other than “my sex” which it is called over twenty times throughout the book. He did this to my sex, he did that to my sex, I want him to touch my sex…” the heat is rising from my sex up to my cheeks.”

I would like to know if the author paid Megan Taylor for the editing that she is credited for on the title page of the book. There are tons of errors and typos throughout and beyond that, I wonder if Megan recommended any changes for the chapter formatting with the “POV” problem mentioned earlier. I think it is very important that authors seek quality editing. A respectable editor would have not missed the things that were missed or lead the author to believe that her work is flawless. A botched editing job can make an author look terrible. On the other hand, the editor could have mentioned these items and the author ignored the suggestions. Either way, it doesn’t make the author look very good in the end.

Now, like it or not this is the truth. My intention is not to bash any author but to deliver the honest, even the most brutal of truths. I had high expectations for “Forbidden Forever” that never came close to being fulfilled. I loved the cover, did not love this book. I am sorry to say that I do not have a recommendation for this book and my rating sticks at a 1 star. Should the author update or change the book, I would surely consider re-reading and revising my review.

Forbidden Forever
Christy Dilg
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781492701514
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae


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