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Book Review: Lost Causes: Silent Scream by Donna J. Thompson

LostCausesLost Causes: Silent Scream” by Donna J. Thompson started out at a great pace.  There were questions and mysteries that keep you involved and wanting to know what happens next.  It sucks me in and before I knew it, I had read the whole book. There are even times when I yelled as a chill ran down my spine.

The main character is Casey West. She has lost her parents right after she finishes school. Her mother took her own life and her father passed of cancer. The surprises she finds when going through her father’s files and paperwork are astounding.

With questions and puzzles in her head, Casey takes a job at Lakeview Mental Hospital. With the help of a family friend, Jerry Conners, she landed the position easily. Too bad she did not realize why she was given her job. Jerry Conners is the supervisor that oversees the mental hospital. The director is Kathryn Bailey, which is a character I hated even though she is a wonderful character in this book.

It seems that things may not be as they seem at the Lakeview hospital. This was a good mystery and a little suspenseful. There was quite a bit of action. I would think, oh I know what is going to happen, and then it would twist.  Way to keep a reader guessing.

I am giving “Lost Causes: Silent Scream” by Donna J. Thompson FOUR stars.  It had a pretty good creepy factor and some great twists.

Lost Causes: Silent Scream
Donna J. Thompson
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478712862
Reviewed by April Epley for Say What? Savannah Mae (5/14)


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