Book Review: Starving Blades by Natasha Wetzel

StarvingBladesStarving Blades by Natasha A. Wetzel is a story of angels and demons. Specifically, this is the story of half breed (part angel/part human) Angelique Le’Count, otherwise known as Angel, who is drowning his sorrows in alcohol to somehow relieve the pain from a recent breakup. Several months have passed since the love of his life left him. Since Kira is gone, Angel does nothing but get drunk and feel sorry for himself.

Insert Sarre, a war spirit and also Angel’s soul mate and right hand (wo)man.. Since Sarre is dead, only Angel can hear and see her. I would say that Sarre is similar to a jealous girl who never made it past the friend-zone. Of course, Angel being alive, there is no way that they could have a relationship so she has her own ways of getting on his nerves. It is a true love-hate relationship.

Furthering into the story, Sarre is sent to find Kira. Angel and Sarre set off on a journey to hunt her down but for what exactly…really Angel doesn’t know what to expect or what he will say or do once he does find her. All he knows is that he needs to find her. This journey leads to more drama as enemies from his past pop up and the plot unfolds. Secrets are revealed; blood is shed; and the true nature of demonic characters (with interesting personalities) takes on their roles, giving Starving Blades life.

I honestly am not totally into angel/demon type stories. Some I can vibe with, and some I can’t. Luckily, this angel/demon story was pretty easy to get into. Angel narrates throughout the book, and Wetzel did a great job of being consistent with this aspect of her writing style. Angel’s character is very well developed emotionally and clearly takes on the dysfunctional alcoholic personality. The otherworldly history is delivered through narration so the reader can grasp what is what and why as things progress.

I enjoyed Starving Blades. It is not one of my top picks; however, the book is pretty good. When it comes down to it, I think that readers that love a battle between angels and demons will enjoy it much more than I did. I think my “not loving it” comes down to a matter of genre choice.

Natasha Wetzel has a unique writing style, and she is really talented. I am honestly impressed and recommend giving Starving Blades a see-for-yourself trial.

Starving Blades
Natasha A. Wetzel
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN: 9781481126854
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae (4/14)


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