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Book Review: Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir by Leonard Goodwin

EchoesInTheUniverseLeonard Goodwin’s “Echoes In The Universe” was such a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the narrative poetry style of writing. The memoir takes you through the details of his life as a social psychologist starting with his childhood memories of growing up the 1930’s. The history interwoven in this story is simply fascinating to me and the writing painted pictures in my mind of what life was like during such crucial times in American history.

The Goodwin family bought their first car when Leonard was around ten years old. The family car was a used 1936 Dodge and his father was very determined to learn how to drive. I really enjoyed the story of his dad trying to get around the same block several times before he made it back home. I can remember buying a used 1969 dodge dart when I was a teenager that could move a concrete planter without making a dent in it! Each time there was another family adventure dealing with the car, I would really get a good laugh. You don’t necessarily have to be a teenager to do really goofy stuff while learning to drive a car.

Seriously this was a very interesting memoir which seemed more like a novel. Leonard lived a simple life as a scholarly researcher, a college professor, a father, and a loving husband. There is something very special about his life and his travels that he expresses so beautifully in his writing. You might think like me, that a life without any earth-shattering events could prove to be so interesting.

In the latter part of this story, as with most people we search for a deeper meaning of life that’s usually sought through some spiritual aspect. This story presents a different perspective on finding one’s spirituality. I feel as though the more open we are to allowing something more significant to happen, as the case with Leonard Goodwin’s experience, the more can be revealed to us in this search. Leonard might call this a “Spiritual Surprise!”

Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir
Leonard Goodwin
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781484985564
Reviewed by JR for Say What? Savannah Mae (5/14)


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