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Book Review: Saving Faith by Patrick M. Garry

SavingFaithTwo years after leaving the orphanage he grew up in, Jack Fenien has now found his place in the world as a car repossessor. Yes, repossessor is not a “real word” but that is what Jack is! After Jack repossesses the wrong car, he sets out to find the owner of the vehicle so he can assist him in getting back the car. Jack finds Ev at a local dive bar, to his surprise, has to work hard to convince Ev that he is not joking. Ev’s car was really towed and they needed to work it out at the courthouse the next day, thus the beginning of an awkward friendship.

Ev, the former journalist, and Jack, the repossessor, run into a couple of women at the courthouse fighting for the life of a comatose patient who no one can identify. This entices Ev’s itch to get in on a good story. This chance encounter at the courthouse leads both Jack and Ev into the lives of other colorful characters that are all determined to save Faith.

While bonding with “Saving Faith,” Jack is a character who has been left behind by his birth parents and never adopted because of a wonky medical diagnosis. I could not help but to love his innocence and feel for his situation. But Jack wasn’t mad at the world; he just didn’t have high expectations of people or for love for that matter. After meeting Ev and listening to his cynical views towards women, Jack indulges in experiences he probably would have never had. Both characters together make for some ridiculous outlooks on life and create friendships that are so off balanced that I couldn’t help but to laugh.

Patrick M. Garry writes with a laid back style that is sure to prove that no one should take themselves so seriously. The transition between character points of view was excellent and the flow of the story was perfect. As more characters were introduced, the deeper the story went. With unlikely friendships and an even more unlikely romance, this satire is sure to make readers giggle and even shake their head from time to time.

I think another run with a proofreader would be an excellent idea. There is a misspelled word on the back of the book which caught be off guard a bit however this book could have been a proof edition that was sent to me. I did not find it overly distracting however it is one of those things I cannot overlook when giving my rating of a book. I did find several typos and editing issues however I would surely read more by this author with no questions asked.

My overall enjoyment earns “Saving Faith” by Patrick M. Garry four stars. I recommend this title for those who do not take themselves too seriously and those who can appreciate the quirks that make this world go round.

Saving Faith
Patrick M. Garry
Kenrick Books (2013)
ISBN: 9780983370314
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae (6/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Saving Faith’ by Patrick M. Garry on Blogcritics.


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