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Book Review: Out There: a novel by Sarah Stark

OutThereThis was a touching, and interesting story. I think that the author definitely has a way with words, because the book has a poetic feeling to it, outside of your general fiction. This style of writing is not for everyone, because it’s not going to attract you the same as a book full of action. This story takes place in the mind and heart of a character struggling to come to terms with what life really is, and how you move forward when you come back from the war. He survives a rough time, and comes home struggling with PTSD and some other issues, and he needs to find his way in life. I think many readers can relate to having an author or a book that really affected you strongly in your life. Trying to meet the author, connect with them, and thank them. That’s the root of this book. The character really struggles, and uses the focus of meeting the author to really allow him to have a safety blanket in a way o venture out in the world. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story. It touched me. If you’re interested in a really human story, something unique to the struggle that we face while living. This is a perfect book for that. There’s not action and adventure, but there’s heart and soul, and a lot of quality writing.

Out There: a novel
Sarah Stark
Leaf Storm Press (2014)
Reviewed by Cianna Reider for Say What? Savannah Mae
B+ (Four Stars)


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