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Book Review: ‘Bedrock’ by Britney King

BedrockBedrock by Britney King follows the story of Addison Greyer, a happily married mother of three getting a bit restless. Addison loves her husband and her kids but she really just wants to go back to work. She never intended to be a full-time stay-at-home mom as her husband Patrick’s mother had. The back story shares the budding romance between Addison and Patrick. After they were married, Addison became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Connor. Addie couldn’t understand why she wasn’t enjoying motherhood the way the rest of her friends did.

With a crying, colicky baby, sleep was rare and Addie was stressed out. Patrick wasn’t exactly fully supportive in assuming fatherly duties to help his wife. She might as well be a single mother. It wasn’t too long before she was pregnant with twins and her family went from three to five, just like that.

Addie decides, against Patrick’s will, to start looking for work. Just as she finds out she has landed a job, Patrick tells her he is taking off to China for a big project for a year and expects her to be OK with it. With Addie at her new job getting a little heated and Patrick off in China, secrets begin to pile up. Addison Greyer has really got herself into something she may not know how to get out of. But is she the only one with secrets to kill?

The element of surprise is perfected in this novel. There are some serious twists and turns that I never saw coming. Truth be told, I brought Bedrock along as a back-up read on a recent trip. I expected to finish reading another book and then I would be able to dig right in to this one. Sadly, the other book I was reading was so boring and I was so glad that I had brought Bedrock along. My flight was about two and a half hours each way and that was enough time for me to read it cover to cover. Makes me wonder if my reactions to what I was reading were causing me to get stares from others around me which I didn’t know about.

Characters where realistic and believable; based on their ages the situations were perfect. Britney King is no teeny bopper author. Very few editing issues, and with a vamped up cover image, Ms. King got it right! This is one of the best romantic suspense books I have read from an indie author. Bedrock has the right balance of sex, lies, and BDSM. This is not your typical smut read although BDSM is a part of the story, it is not the entire story. I was pleasantly surprised. There was much left to the imagination and I actually like it that way. It was not what I expected and it all makes perfect sense after watching the trailer.

Five Stars for Bedrock. If you love a romantic thriller without all of the mushy crap, this is the book for you. Bedrock is for the grown and sexy. The next book in the series is Breaking Bedrock.

Britney King
Hot Banana Press (2013)
ISBN: 9780989218405
Reviewed by Savannah Mae for Say What? Savannah Mae (9/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Bedrock’ by Britney King on Blogcritics.


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